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Saturday, December 29, 2012

kenny watch at christmas

The Irish Independent newspaper published no less than four pictures of Irish Prime Minister Enda Kenny today. Throughout the Christmas season, the Irish Independent has published at least one picture of Enda Kenny every day. Sometimes two. Occasionally three. The last time we had four in one day was about two weeks ago.
Enda Kenny is a weak vacuous vapid hairstyle of a man.
We all know what he looks like.
The Irish Independent is publishing his picture every day because the Irish Independent owes a billion dollars to idiot banks which it cannot repay and Enda Kenny has nationalised those banks using tax payers money, or money borrowed from the Germans against the future indentured slavery of Irish tax payers, and the Irish Independent is seeking to curry favour with Enda Kenny in the very real expectation that Enda Kenny will not insist on collecting the billion dollars which the Irish Independent now owes to Irish tax payers through debts to idiot gangster banks which Enda Kenny has purchased on our behalf with our money, but that Enda Kenny will instead once more force Irish taxpayers will carry the can for all the poor little rich boys among the management and staff and various criminal proprietors at Independent Newspapers.
That is all.


Footnote: Career Criminal Denis O'Brien has recently wrested control of Independent Newspapers from Tony O'Reilly who is still a significant presence in the company. Both are unsavoury characters. O'Brien made his fortune by bribing then Fine Gael government Minister Michael Lowry to give him a billion dollar licence to provide mobile phone services in Ireland for a couple of million dollars. The exact provenance of Tony O'Reilly's fortune is unknown. Let me be precise. Details of Tony O'Reilly's rise to super rich status were contained in a biography of Tony O'Reilly which was published some years ago. Tony O'Reilly bought up the entire print run of the book so that the public would never see it, and paid a backhander to the writer and his publisher to prevent republication. The salient allegation in the suppressed biography is believed to be that the youthful Tony O'Reilly founded his family fortune by parlaying technology secrets stolen from the Irish Food Company into a career with HJ Heinz. Both Tony O'Reilly and the criminal Denis O'Brien are long term associates of Irish Prime Minister Enda Kenny and his Fine Gael party. Lovely lovely people.


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