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Sunday, March 31, 2013

independent newspapers conversion to catholicism

This week's coverage in the virulently anti Catholic Irish Independent newspaper of Christian celebrations of the festival of Easter were so twee as to beggar belief.
No seriously.
It was all cutesy cutesy niceness and sweet sweet sweet pious faux faux faux Catholic apple pie.
For the first time in forty years the Irish Independent has apparently decided it can mention the Catholic Church without immediately trying to label it a progenitor, harbourer and concealer of sex abuse.
Nice of them I'm sure.
The Irish Independent still publishes a photo every day of bigoted anti Catholic Irish Prime Minister Enda Kenny.
It does this because Enda Kenny, a weak vacuous haistyle of a bigot, now controls the bankrupt banks to which the Irish Independent owes a billion dollars.
By not collecting the debt Independent Newspapers owes to the banks, the same bankrupt worthless banks which Enda Kenny has used our money to nationalise, the same worthless morally bankrupt Enda Kenny ensures that we all continue to live in poverty while paying the mortgage on mansions occupied by Independent Newpapers robber baron proprietors Denis O'Brien and Tony O'Reilly, esquires.
Yes Enda Kenny is daily inventing new and more extortionate taxes for the citizenry to pay merely in order to keep the neo feudalist O'Reillys and the politician bribing O'Briens in mansions.
(And to put petrol in their BMW's. - Ed note.)
That's democracy I suppose.
We all pay the bills for corrupt bankrupt media tycoons.
Hoo baby.
But the Irish Independent has indeed ceased its own culture war against the Catholic Church.
Or more correctly stated: The Irish Independent has recalibrated its culture war against the Catholic Church.
There ya go.
The Irish Independent has adopted a new corporate strategy of posing Catholic.
After forty years of all out war against the faith, forty years trying to murder the reputations of venerable priests and nuns and bishops, forty years of elevating thoroughgoing scoundrels such as soviet era socialist infiltrator Archbishop Diarmuid Martin, after forty years of denying the very generation of young people who need the Church and her ethics most any access whatsoever to those ethics, after forty years championing sex culture, euthanasia culture, whoredom culture, and the wanton killing of unborn babies, after forty years of atheising Ireland, halleluiah, praise the lord, and pass the ammunition, we are now treated to the spectacles of fervourless dessicated clapped out readerless Independent Newspaper harridans like Miriam O'Donohoe, Fiona Looney et al (Particularly Al. I hate her.) proclaiming in print their proprietorship of the faith of our fathers through such cosmically insincere oleaginous mendacious fripperies as: "my church," "the church I love," "the church of my heart" and so on.
Show me the way to the vomitorium.
The Irish Independent is posing Catholic.
The Sunday Independent, traditionally the most hatefilled anti clerical rag of Independent Newspapers crassly anti Catholic publications, last week even lifted a story idea from this very blog warning about the louche sexual activities being promoted for teenagers by a government sponsored health board using public money on a website styled Spun Out.
I kid you not.
I say it here, it comes out there.
(Incidentally the Spun Out webite's advice to teenagers re staging orgies has not led to the removal of its adverts from the teenagers noticeboard which I recently vandalised in Kilcullen Parish Centre. Strange days indeed. The anti Catholic Sunday Independent wishes to pose as agreeing with me on these issues but the local yokels are just too cool to care.)
And Independent Newspapers is posing Catholic.
Who wudda thunk it.
You know what folks.
Personally I preferred it when the bigoted abortionist contrareceiving divorcenik hedonist child corrupting sex abuse concealing atheistic freemasonic bolshevick Tony O'Reilly worshipping anti Catholic heroes of Independent House were doing their utmost to destroy our ancient beautiful and true religion from without.
I am much more disquieted by their current attempts to destroy the Catholic Church from within.


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