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Friday, June 27, 2014


Evening in the Whitewater Café Degli Mafiosi Schiffi, quaffing coffee with one of my fans.
"Well Heelers, you said there was a Muslim terror army threatening the world, and now one appears to have burst out of Syria. Who wudda thunk it. You worried?"
"What me worry. No. I don't think the incarnation of Al Qaeda bursting out of Syria into Iraq in the form of the Isis movement, has either a proper logistical supply base in Syria or dependable lines of control in Iraq. It's coming from nowhere. And it's heading nowhere. This is a kind of last hurrah for Al Qaeda in the region. It might hold Anbar but the rest of Iraq is beyond it. It can't really retreat back into Syria either. Not with Assad attriting it to extinction. So the question is: Why is it there? I saw it again. This is a last hurrah in the region. With this orgy of destruction, Al Qaeda is probably blooding its younger recruits and training up Jihadi's for the coming war in Western Europe, Ireland and Britain. All the little psychos will be coming home soon, home to rule us. That's the bigger issue here. Even the nutjobs of Al Qaeda know they've lost Syria and they're not going to win Iraq. Not one of them thinks they've lost Europe. Incidentally, their last hope in Syria is American intervention and even that can't save them in this region. Like I said, the Russians own Syria. And the Iranians are subsuming Iraq."
"You really think so Heelers? Sky News said that Al Qaeda had disaffiliated both from the Syrian revolution and from the Isis army invading Iraq. The bald guy on Sky actually said Isis was too extreme for Al Qaeda."
"Ah bless Sky News and its innocence and its bald guys and its sponsorship form the Islamist Royal Family Of Qatar. Isis is Al Qaeda. There is no difference or distinction. Al Qaeda is now in full control of the formerly legitimate Syrian revolution. The disaffiliation is a fiction. Here is the news. Al Qaeda announced the disaffiliation from Isis because Al Qaeda is hoping President Barack Obama of the United States might still win this for them in Syria with advisers, hardware and cash. It's a hail mary play. Al Qaeda recognises Barack can't formally bankroll Al Qaeda. That is the only reason Al Qaeda claims to have dropped Isis. They're one and the same thing. But what I'm saying is that even with an insane or criminally incompetent American President on their side, Al Qaeda still won't win in Syria. The moment has passed. Even if Barack approves his five billion for the rebels in Syria, he still won't be able to win this for Al Qaeda. My analysis now is that the Russians won't  let that happen under any circumstances. Listen to me. There is no permutation where the rebels, ie Al Qaeda, win in Syria. The risk of American involvement in Syria is that the Western World will be entering World War Three for a bunch of psycho Mussies who will never thank us for it. And I'll tell you something else. Even if Barack commits the entire American army, we won't win there. We could have won Iraq though. But Barack had made his reputation on criminalising his predecessor President Bush's efforts to liberate that country. Now it's too late."
"Do you want another latte."
"Make it a quick one."


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