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Saturday, June 21, 2014

the evil that judge liberals do

Judge Barry White (not to be confused with the famous soul singer of the same name who actually has a soul) has just released another murderer from an Irish courtroom.
Judge Barry White advised the Jury in his courtroom that since a psychiatrist had testified in his courtroom that a 52 year old woman was insane, the Jury should not find the her guilty of the murder  of an 82 year old man which she had committed.
Hoo baby
On foot of Judge Barry White's ruling, I suppose God should now change the fifth commandment to read: "Thou shalt not kill unless you really want to, and are willing to pay a morally debased psychiatrist to help you claim to be insane before a liberal atheistic marxian mafia Judge in order to get away with it."
You're a bad man Judge Barry White.
I mean you're either criminally incompetent or you are the criminal agent of an as yet unmapped criminal conspiracy to end the rule of law in the Republic Of Ireland.
I think we both know which of these you are.
The 52 year old woman whom Judge Barry White decided to let away with murder was supposedly in a relationship with the 82 year old man she murdered.
She beat him mercilessly about the head, hands and body, torturing him by breaking his fingers, before killing him by crushing his ribs.
She appears to have taken her murder method from a James Bond film.
Yes there are consequences for letting low life skangers watch pornographic sexualisations of violence.
The skangers kill people and then pay a psychiatrist to persuade a corrupt Judge that they shouldn't be held accountable for it.
I gotta tell you folks... the real crime is what happened after the murder... I mean what happened in Judge Barry White's courtroom.
In other news, yet another liberal Judge my old friend Mr Justice Paul Carney has given yet another murderer similar leave to roam the country.
Judge Paul Carney's murderer du jour, was before him on charges of helping a man dispose of her husband's body.
She had already been convicted in another courtroom with that same man of murdering her husband.
The conviction for murdering her husband had been thrown out by an appeals court and a retrial was to be scheduled.
But in Judge Paul Carney's court the murderer had now been convicted of helping her accomplice in the murder of her husband to dispose of her husband's body.
Judge Paul Carney announced that because she had already served time for the murder of her husband, and because her murder conviction had since been thrown out, she was entitled to what Judge Paul Carney called "a get out of jail free card."
The phrase created a stir in the courtroom.
It sounded like Judge Paul Carney was being frivolous about this woman's disposal of her murdered husband's body, a crime for which Judge Paul Carney was due to sentence her.
Judge Paul Carney hastened to inform the courtroom that the case was one of the most upsetting he'd ever considered.
He didn't look that upset.
And he sentenced her to nought years in jail.
Nought years in jail for helping a murderer dispose of the body of her murdered husband.
That's some justice right there.
Hoo baby.
But it's Judge Paul Carney's use of the phrase "get out of jail free card," that has really raised eyebrows.
He took it off this blog.
On this very blog I had used the same phrase several years ago in accusing Judge Paul Carney and his liberal colleagues of corruptly and habitually issuing get out of jail free cards to murderers, drug dealers, rapists and indeed to one of their fellow Judges called Brian Curtin who had been caught paying to see children raped on the internet.
My own application of the phrase to Judge Paul Carney and his pals, had caught the attention of some of the good burghers of the Irish legal, journalistic and political professions.
And now it seems Judge Paul Carney has decided to brazen out the growing public concern (about his casual release of murderers into the community) by bandying the phrase "get out of jail free card" frivolously over the body of a murdered man.
The very phrase he had read on this blog.
I kid you not.
Listen bold readers.
Even if you don't accept that Judge Paul Carney's use of the phrase "get out of jail free card" when releasing without sentence a woman who had helped a murderer dispose of the body of her husband, even if you don't accept that he was responding to this blog, surely you must accept that his use of the phrase at all renders him unfit to be a Judge.
I'm nearly lost for words.
I have called Judge Barry White a criminal.
But I think Judge Paul Carney is worse.
Judge Paul Carney is evil.
Consider this.
Judge Paul Carney in a case some years ago referred to Wayne O'Donoghue's slaughter of a little boy called Robert Holohan as "horseplay."
Now I really am lost for words.
I have nothing more to say to Judge Paul Carney or Judge Barry White.
I call on all honourable Irishmen to remove them from office.


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