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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

ooh ahh up the trade union movement

Ireland's current unfolding scandal regarding the terrorist rackateering IRA's infiltration of the judiciary, media, civil service and trade union movement has led me to propose some decisive solutions to the nation threatening imbroglio.
I suggested here that in answer to the IRA's now known hijacking of the television station RTE we should simply use an election process to appoint the board of management at RTE.
I suggested a similar remedy for the IRA's hijacking of judges and courtrooms.
Let the people elect their judges. Make em directly accountable. Let's see the Rah infiltrate that one.
Which brings us to those loveable goons (literally) of the trade union movement.
The trade unions have completely been Rah run for at least three decades.
It is interesting to see trade unionist Brendan Ogle organising opposition to water charges in Ireland.
Mr Ogle is not a Rah man.
He is a member of a splinter group from the Rah.
The Rah was too moderate for him.
Be assured the Rah and Mr Ogle's splinter group collaborated regularly in killing people.
The Rah and its splinter groups are like Al Qaeda and its splinter groups in that regard.
Killing innocents is a great way to bury your differences.
Before organising the peassssssants revolution against paying for water, Mr Ogle organised the wooooooooorkers revolution for the trade union in the perennially strike bound perennially bankrupt CIE railway company. A little bit more recently he organised the trade union for the most overpaid workers in Europe, that is the Irish electricity company workers.
Mr Ogle's moral scruples about peasants paying for water, (He means Irish peasants. He fully expects German peasants to continue to pay our water bills for us) did not at that earlier stage, lead him to any scruple about facilitating IRA mafia rackateers in overcharging Irish citizens to switch on a light bulb.
But I digress.
In seeking to deal with the Rah hijacking of Irish trade unions, I suggest that we look to America.
Our solution to the hijacking by IRA rackateers of the teachers, nurses, transport, civil service and electrical trade unions, should be the same solution the Americans adopted when the Italian mafia's hijacking of American trade unions was uncovered.
We need to proscribe through law all rackateering IRA activity within the trade union movement.
We need to hold grand jury investigations whenever IRA infiltrations of the trade unions are uncovered as has happened this week.
The Americans called these measures the Rico Laws.
It could work here.
I would also humbly suggest to nurses, teachers, bus drivers and civil servants, all you nice middle of the road people, maybe you should stop appointing murderers to extort your ridiculous pay claims from our bankrupt (morally and financially) government.
No more Rah men.
No more mafias.
No more Al Qaedas.
Listen folks.
We cannot be sure of victory.
But let us begin.


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