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Tuesday, December 09, 2014

ooh ahhh up the RTE authority

Amid all the brouhaha in Ireland this week regarding the IRA's infiltration since the 1960's of the Judiciary, trade union movement, police and media, there has been a strange absence of comment re one of the Rah's more salient hijacking's of a public institution.
That is to say the hijacking in plain sight of the national State funded monopoly television and radio broadcaster RTE.
RTE has been a Rah run operation for five decades.
Rah men and women sit on the shadowy authority which runs RTE.
Rah men and women have traditionally walked into production jobs and journalism jobs at RTE apparently through the novel interview technique of singing: "Ooohhh aahhhh, up the Rah."
That's in the rare instances where they were required to sit for interviews.
Sunday Independent writer Eoin Harris (no friend of mine) has noted in his column recently after reading this blog that many of the Rah men he knew as a Rah man himself at College in the 1960's got jobs in RTE.
He added that he had never heard of any of them renouncing the Rah.
Former head of journalism at RTE Charlie Bird, a lifelong Rahman with no journalistic qualification beyond his inside access to what the Rah wanted him to say about America, Israel and the Catholic Church, Charlie Bird, I say, knows all about it.
And what can be done, m'dear henny pennies?
Well how about this.
Why not elect the shadowy board of governors who run RTE?
Universal suffrage would be the way to go.
They've been making us all suffer their woeful IRA propaganda for fifty years.
So why not make them accountable to the citizenry for a change?
And if the Rah can win an election, f--king let the Rah have RTE.
And if they can't, let the f--king Rah f--k off with themselves back to the bog holes where they hide the bodies of the people they have tortured and killed over the past fifty years?

Footnote: We should seriously consider electing our Judiciary also. For the same reason.


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