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Saturday, December 06, 2014

the satanic rites of the irish language movement


Have devil worship rings in Ireland been piggybacking for concealment on the back of the rackateering drug dealing, people trafficking, child abusing, IRA terrorist mafia using IRA infiltrators in the media, Judiciary and trade movement to evade detection? It would explain a lot. There is also modest evidence available that the same satanists have been using the Irish language movement as a further aid to concealment.

1. This week Mary Lou McDonald a Sinn Fein parliamentarian in the Republic of Ireland, has accused the mainstream poltical parties in Ireland of covering up a series of extreme child abuse allegations purported to involve a now deceased educator styled Mr O'Lubhlai. The educator was the founder of an Irish language college. The problem with Ms McDonald's analysis is that the educator in question was also a lifelong member of Sinn Fein and a supporter of its private drug dealing people trafficking murder gang the IRA. I would add that the individual's purported crimes certainly look like devil worship.

2. A few years ago a house of horrors case emerged in Roscommon. Two parents had been torturing and raping their children for a decade while Irish Judges refused to approve social workers attempts to rescue the children. The social workers themselves had moved incredibly slowly considering the violations they were aware the children were experiencing on a daily basis. Inexplicably the identity of the child raping parents has continued to be concealed by the media and Judiciary in Ireland. The Judges claim they have concealed the rapists identities in order to protect the identity of their children. Convenient isn't it! The courts service recently actually released the mother who had raped her children into the community. She's free. An Irish language connection comes into view in an Independent Newspapers report which claimed that an Irish language speaker styled Nora Bean Ui Chribin had lobbied Judges to keep the Roscommon children in the care of their abusing rapist parents. The notion that an Irish speaking teacher could influence Judges seems extraordinary. The Independent newspaper group attempted to smear the Catholic Church by suggesting that Nora Bean Ui Chribin was a Catholic activist. In fact she had no accreditation from the Catholic Church for any of her activities. Nora Bean Ui Chribin was though a life long supporter of Sinn Fein and its political wing the IRA in tandem with her activities as a lifelong promoter of the Irish language. The abuses at the house of horrors in Roscommon were so extreme and so sustained, that again we should at least consider devil worship as a probable cause. And again we should ask: Are devil worshippers using the Irish language movement as a cover?

3. The devil worshipper Lorcan Bale crucified a little boy called John Horgan in Dublin in 1973 in the attic of the Bale family home. Lorcan Bale's torture and murder of a child was concealed by a cadre of corrupt Judges, media, police and politicians for forty years. It is the single greatest cover up in the history of the Republic of Ireland. In the 1970's Lorcan Bale's father, as well as posing as a pro life activist and a prayer group member, was also a promoter of the Irish language. He reared his family in Irish. He was a civil service colleague of Cathal Goan later head of both the Irish language State funded television station TG4 and the national, again State funded, broadcaster RTE.  It would be interesting to know whether or not Lorcan Bale's father was a lifelong supporter of the IRA and Sinn Fein too.


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