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Saturday, May 16, 2015

lies damned lies and the irish times

The Irish Times has published a front page headine implying that 70 percent of the Irish people will vote in favour of same sex marriage.
Closer scrutiny of the Irish Times article reveals that the actual figure contained in their opinion poll (jerrymandered upwards anyway I assure you) shows only five out of ten people questioned said they intended to vote for same sex marriage.
Five out of ten.
Not seven out of ten.
The seven out of ten lie was justified by ye olde accountancy trick of excluding from the figures those who had called themselves undecided.
Bear in mind that over the past two decades Irish Times opinion polls advocating abortion always falsely claimed that the majority of Irish people would vote for abortion.
We never did.
At national referendums, the Irish people twice demonstrated the malicious mendaciousness of the Irish Times and its opinion polls by voting to reject abotion.
Of course the abortion of unborn children has this year been legalised in Ireland by the Fine Gael political party without consulting the people through a referendum.
Apparently referendums are now the preserve of those advocating the radical redefinition of marriage.
And of course Fine Gael had expressly promised prior to election not to legalise abortion.
They hadn't even mentioned same sex marriage.
The present Irish Times polls advocating same sex marriage are false too.
As false as a Fine Gaeler promise.
And their headlines are beyond false.
It is time to take out the trash, ie to stop Fine Gael subsidising the Irish Times with my money.


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