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Wednesday, May 20, 2015

top ten reasons to vote no in ireland's same sex marriage referendum

1. The referendum is being used by Ireland's current Fine Gael Labour Party government to distract attention from its dismal performance in office. More specifically I am asserting that through this referendum, the Fine Gael Labour Party combo is attempting to distract public attention from the following near cosmic incompetencies: From the government's legalisation of abortion after an explicit pre election promise not to legalise abortion, from the government's continued bail out of IRA shell bank Anglo Irish throwing good billions after bad to conceal the Rah's theft of the nation, from the government's failure to progress any legal action whatsover against its own infamously corrupt Minister for Justice Alan Shatter recently fired for colluding with a corrupt Chief of Police in covering up police corruption (I mean I don't want to go casting no aspoyshuns), from the government's facilitating through Fine Gael Councillor John McCartin of IRA businessman Sean Quinn in regaining control of IRA proxy companies that Sean Quinn had used to bankrupt Ireland through illegal billion dollar loans from IRA controlled shell bank Anglo Irish, from the behaviour of Minister Phil Hogan groping seventy year old women's bottoms at golf do's, from the failure of the government to charge white collar criminal Denis O'Brien regarding his bribery of former Fine Gael Minister Michael Lowry, from the government's acquiescence to white collar criminal Denis O'Brien's seizure of overall control at Independent Newspapers, from the government's cancellation of Independent Newspapers half billion dollar debt at Allied Irish Bank (note: not Anglo Irish, this is a separate corrupt bank entirely), from the government's corrupt purchase of the bankrupt Allied Irish Bank on whose board was sitting billionaire Lochlainn Quinn the brother of government Minister at the time Ruairi Quinn, from the debacle of corruptions surrounding Fine Gael's establishment of a new Water Corporation, from the government's attempts to price gouge through the recession by inventing new taxes on householders, from the government's payment of exponential salaries to its corrupt advisers, from the government's failure to end Judge Liberal's get out of jail free card justice system for murderers and rackateers, from the government's failure to address the rise of the IRA as a nationwide mafia apportioning Irish towns and villages as fiefdoms with Chinese Triads, Al Qaeda, Nigerian Gangstahs, Cosa Nostra, the Russian mob and other ever more vicious eastern European gangs, from the government's failure to end Islamist people trafficking activities into our country, from the government's failure to address the drug dealers targetting every school in Ireland with their poisons in an attempt to replace the 600 known dead Irish addicts a year with new younger addicts, from the government's attempt to conceal the 600 known deaths from suicide each year in Ireland by reclassifying suicide in neutral terminology that will hide what has happening, from the government's appointment of a wimminy insider as Chief Of Police having promised to appoint a Chief Of Police from outside the ranks of the Force in order to cope with Ireland's individually and insitutionally corrupt Police Force, from the government's policy of moving Corrupt Chiefs to new precincts rather than firing them, from the government's use of the police as a militia against the general public in Roscommon who were seeking to continue availing of their historic turf cutting rights as they had done for centuries but who were being forbidden to do so having fallen foul of some European Union tree hugger's codicil, from all of this and more the government is seeking to distract your attention through a groovy and frivolous referendum on Same Sex Marriage.

2. Demand for the referendum was contrived and promoted by IRA supporting American billionaire Chuck Feeney. The little Rah men have discovered gay rights. Come on now folks. Come on. What are THEY distracting us from?

3. A significant number of people who consider themselves attracted to people of the same sex, are opposed to this referendum.

4. I believe there is no happiness in a sexual relationship with a person of the same sex. I believe that there is no happiness in referring to such a relationship as marriage.

5. The famously anti Catholic pro Bolshevick atheistic abortionist Irish Times favours a Yes vote in this referendum. As does the bankrupt (morally and financially) Independent Newspapers group. And as does the Stalinist State broadcaster RTE, These people are reliably wrong about everything

6. Redefining marriage is not in itself a caring act. Caring means befriending people and including them in your life. It does not meaning endorsing their behaviour from afar. This referendum is gesture politics. Worse. It's gesture caring.

7. Contrary to what is being implied, many people who consider themselves attracted to people of the same sex, later decide they are not. The singer Tom Robinson produced a brilliant, poetic, passionate song in the 1980's called "Sing if you're glad to be gay." It's nearly as good as his War Baby and Atmosphere. Tommy Robinson changed his mind about being attracted to people of the same sex and is currently married to a woman. They have children. Lots of people who sang his song died of the big disease with a little name.

8. Scientists are observing a feminisation of males and a masculinisation of females in the animal kingdom. The process seems to have been underway for fifty years. The cause may be industrial pollutant chemicals in the environment or it may be female growth hormones entering the water table as excreted by people who have been using contraceptive pills. The masculinisation of females and feminisation of males among humans may have similar causes.

9. I am also suggesting that the bombardment style sex culture which has invaded human discourse, through films, advertising, music and new media, is also profoundly disruptive to human sexuality. No generation of young people has been exposed to the level of sexual stimuli that is being inflicted on young people today. Redefining marriage, rather than addressing the pornogrification of the sexualities of a generation, is false compassion.

10. Referring to mutual masturbation as marriage will not make a single person on the planet happier.


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