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Friday, February 26, 2016

election day in ireland

Wandered into the voting centre.
Maurice O'Mahoney, my old Fourth Class teacher from primary school, was holding sway at one of the tables.
(Fourth class does not refer to his abilities as a teacher. It is the preferred term in Ireland for what Americans call Fourth Grade.)
I approached and addressed him in the ancient language of Ireland.
"Dia duit a Mhuiris, taim ag lorg duine a bhfuil i gcoinne an ghinmhilleadh."
It means: Hello Maurice, I'm looking for someone opposed to abortion.
Without turning a hair he answered me in Irish.
"Ta duine agam duitse," ar se, "Tomas O'Dufaigh an oifigeach votail."
It means: I have the very man for you. Tom Duffy the polling officer.
Patiently I sought to explain.
"Taim ag lorg," a deirim, "duine ata ag seasamh do chathaoir sna toghchain."
It means: I'm looking for someone who's standing in the election.
He still didn't turn a hair.
"Mo bhron," a deir se.
Sorry, says he.


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