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Thursday, February 11, 2016

shadows of the gunmen

(The Destruction of law in the Republic of Ireland... Societal Collapse into IRA mafia fiefdoms... Gangland infiltration of mainstream political parties... Shadows of the Gunmen...)


Timeline of recent events.

Winter 2015: A Fine Gael politician warns that the political party styled Sinn Fein (whom my analysis posits as parliamentary proxies for the IRA mafia) are infiltrating community groups across Ireland.

November 2015: Evidence emerges that newly appointed Labour Party senator Mairia Cahill has been a member of a particularly vicious IRA faction as recently as five years ago. The evidence seems to me to have been propagated by a larger IRA gangland faction, ie the one that uses the Sinn Fein political party as a front organisation. In subsequent months further, still unsubstantiated, allegations will emerge that Ms Cahill was associating with hardcore gangland IRA splinter group terrorists as recently as two years ago. Ms Cahill had recently become a respected newspaper commentator in Ireland when she went public over sexual abuse which she suffered in her childhood at the hands of an IRA member, the culprit at the time being first threatened by the IRA with execution and then facilitated by the IRA in leaving the country. It seems to me that the IRA and its party political front group Sinn Fein are trying to ruin her by leaking the stories about her supposedly former affiliations to an IRA faction. But right now, no one is sure what Mairia Cahill's real political views are, least of all the Labour Party who have made her a senator and the Sunday Independent newspaper which first made her famous by publishing her excoriations of the IRA.

December 2015: Within days of Christmas, Independent Cllr Willie Crowley is killed crossing a street in the town of Newbridge a few miles from where I live, by a foreign national in a hit and run incident. I am suggesting that there is a significant likelihood that this incident was a targeted murder on behalf of the gangs which are over running towns across County Kildare and indeed the entire country.

January 2016; Official statistics claim, in spite of public perceptions to the contrary that gangland crime is dropping year on year in Ireland. I am suggesting that these statistics are gerrymandered, falsified and incorrect. I postulate that the police are not recording most of the crimes that happen, and are therefore not forwarding details of those crimes to data collection agencies, I also note that in many cases members of the public no longer bother contacting the police about criminality inflicted on them. The responsibility for keeping statistical records on crime in Ireland was removed from the police themselves several years ago when the figures were found to have been inaccurately kept. An independent statistics monitoring body is supposed to tabulate crime data now but does not publish records for most categories of crime.

Saturday 16th January 2016: Within days of the police claiming that gangland crime is falling, a dismembered body is found in a suitcase in a canal in County Kildare. Other parts of the body are later found at different locations.

Friday 5th February 2016: A gangland boxing promotion at the Regency hotel in Dublin, sponsored by the Kinahan mafia is shot up by members of another gang believed to be the Hutch mob. Both sets of hoodlums are connected to IRA factions. The British boxing promoter Frank Warren is also involved with the quickly cancelled boxing event which was to have taken place at the National Stadium. What the Regency Hotel, the National Stadium and Frank Warren, are doing staging boxing matches for IRA connected mobsters, is another matter. One man is murdered in the mobsters melee at the Regency Hotel. Two others are shot but survive. The attack has particular resonance in the small village of Kilcullen where I live, as Hutch family members have purchased at least one property here.

Saturday 6th February 2016: A public march in Dublin organised by the newly formed Irish branch of the Pegida political party, which opposes Muslim immigration to Europe, is attacked by Sinn Fein members and Muslim groups. The Sinn Fein members and Muslim groups also attack the police who are attempting to restore calm. Footage on the internet shows thugs with Dublin accents racially abusing people they think are members of Pegida who it should be remembered are holding a legal and peaceful political march. Incidentally the description of the attackers as "Sinn Fein" and "Muslim groups" is not mine. It comes rather unexpectedly from the left wing Irish Times no less. One wonders what Muslim groups exactly were involved. If there are Muslim groups in Ireland, surely they have names,. The Irish Times was very coy about naming them, Al Qaeda might be called a group. The Morroccan drug gangs who have leapt up the gangland hierarchy in Dublin might be called a group. I suppose a gang is indeed a type of a group, eh Irish Times? So what groups were we dealing with? I mean this is basic journalism. If a street thug tells you he's in a group, you ask him what it's called and what it stands for. Anyway Saturday's riot in Dublin is a clear sign that IRA and Muslim mafias are working together and have done so for some time. I have previously referred to these connections between IRA mafia groupings and Islamists, as intersections of depravity.

Sunday 7th February 2016: Gerry Adams, the head of the IRA's parliamentary proxies Sinn Fein, claims publically: "There is no such thing as gangland." He also calls for the abolition of the Special Criminal Court which is primarily used to deal with IRA gangland criminals. The Special Criminal Court protects the identities of those giving evidence against IRA mobsters. Without that protection, I would assert, even fewer of them would ever stand trial and none of them would be convicted.

Monday 8th February 2016 (morning): An IRA faction styled the Continuity IRA claims to have carried out the Friday murder and shootings directed against the Kinahan mob at the Regency Hotel.

Monday 8th February 2016: A member of the Hutch family is murdered in Dublin in retaliation for the shootings of members of the Kinahan mob at the Regency Hotel.

Thursday 11th February 2016: Unidentified mobsters threaten the lives of at least two journalists working for Independent Newspapers.


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