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Monday, July 04, 2016

this just in

Twenty two cheeky chappy loveable rogue bus drivers from Dublin have won the European Lottery.
Their prize consists of a total of 24 million Euros.
The cheeky chappy loveable rogue bus drivers will have to take a break from their threatened strike action in Dublin where they have united with other cheeky chappy bus drivers to paralize Ireland's transport infrastructure in order to demand ridiculous pay increases on their already ridiculous pay scales.
Among the Dickensian conditions that the cheeky chappy bus drivers are protesting against with their strike action, is more than six weeks holiday a year, limitless sick leave entitlements, vastly inflated pensions for life, rostering arrangements where they cannot be required to work more than four hours a day, basic pay in the hundreds of thousands of dollars, and lump sum gratuities on retirement that would make a mafia banker blush.
All Ireland is thrilled that these twenty two cheeky chappy loveable rogue bus drivers have now won a million quid each in the European Lottery.
In other news...
The IRA terrorist mafia controls the Bus Drivers Union.
In yet other news...
There has been speculation on this website that the IRA and associated mafias have found a way to rig Lottery draws in Ireland and Europe. I mean I don't want to go casting no aspoyshuns.


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