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Monday, January 16, 2017

heelers defies the swastika

1. I believe the decision by Irish police to charge Irish parliamentarian Clare Daly with driving at 35 miles per hour in a 30 mile an hour zone, is criminal harassment.

2. I believe that the actions of the Courts Service in listing Clare Daly's case as the final case out of 188 cases to be heard in a particular court sitting, are criminal harassment.

3. I believe Judge Desmond Zaidan's action in skipping ten cases to reach Clare Daly's case before his court closed is criminal harassment.

4. I believe Judge Desmond Zaidan's action in issuing a bench warrant for Clare Daly's arrest because she had left the court by the time he illegally skipped cases in order to call her case, is criminal harassment.

5. I believe the procedural courtroom shenanigans at a second court hearing days after the first one, whereby cases were moved to another Judge in order to allow Judge Desmond Zaidan to hear Clare Daly's case are criminal harassment.

6. I believe that Judge Desmond Zaidan's instruction to Clare Daly to stand up straight in his court is criminal harassment.

7. As a citizen of the Republic of Ireland I protest what I consider to be criminal harassment activities against Clare Daly being carried out by police, courts service employees and Judge Desmond Zaidan.


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