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Sunday, January 21, 2018

the kerry babies

The Irish police force has this week issued an apology to Joanne Hayes, a woman who was once suspected as a direct participant in the murder of two babies.
As a citizen of the Republic of Ireland, I protest against this polce apology to Joanne Hayes which I consider unwarranted in every regard.
In April 1984 a dead baby boy was found on the beach near Cahirsiveen in County Kerry.
He had been stabbed multiple times. According to some reports the dead baby had 28 stab wounds.
Joanne Hayes and members of her family signed statements to the police admitting to participation in the killing of the stabbed baby.
In May 1984 another dead baby boy was found, this time buried on the Hayes family farm at Abbeydorney in County Kerry.
Joanne Hayes and her family soon retracted their initial statements to police admitting involvement in the death of the stabbed baby and claimed those statements had been obtained under duress.
Forensic evidence appeared to suggest that Joanne Hayes could not have been the mother of the stabbed baby boy found on the beach at Cahirsiveen.
Similar forensic evidence did confirm she was the mother of the baby found buried at the Hayes family farm in Abbeydorney.
Charges against Joanne Hayes in relation to the death of the stabbed baby were dropped in October 1984.
No charges at all were ever levelled against Joanne Hayes in regard to the baby found buried at the Hayes family farm.
In 1985 a Tribunal of Enquiry under Justice Kevin Lynch examined the circumstances and police investigations surrounding the deaths of the Kerry babies.
The Tribunal under Justice Kevin Lynch formally concluded that Joanne Hayes had strangled the baby which had been found buried at the Hayes family farm.
Justice Kevin Lynch rejected the Hayes family claims that the statements they had made admitting to involvement in the death of the stabbed baby at Cahirsiveen were obtained under police duress.
Joanne Hayes had become a cause celebre for radical feminists and for abortion campaigners.
With the aid of Independent Newspapers, the Irish Times and the broadcaster RTE, these campaigners invidiously, blatantly and shamelessly sought to link the deaths of the Kerry babies not to whoever had killed them but to an overall critique of Irish society, ie to what they falsely and maliciously claimed was the malign influence of the Catholic Church within Ireland.
In the view of these campaigners even if Joanne Hayes had murdered one or both babies that was nobody's business but her own.
Their view hinged on the twisted notion that if a person couldn't kill their unborn baby through an abortion and if they hadn't used contraceptives or couldn't find contraceptives to prevent their baby existing, then any baby murders they committed after a baby was born were purely a private affair.
This is an ultra feminist crypto Marxian position, as monstrous as it is pagan, as debased as it is debauched.
Pre eminent among the writers seeking to exonerate and elevate Joanne Hayes while blaming the babies' deaths on Catholic Church culture, were the famously misanthropic feminist IRA sympathiser Nell McCafferty wrting in the Irish Times, and the rich socialist Independent Newspapers contributor Gene Kerrigan.
In the mid 1980's Joanne Hayes produced a book in collaboration with a ghost writer journalist, purporting to give an account of the events surrounding the deaths of the Kerry babies, entitled My Story.
The publishers of Joanna Hayes' book were almost immediately compelled to pay compensation (reportedly more than a hundred thousand dollars) in an out of court settlement to four members of the police force whom she had libelled and whose reputations she had slandered.
The publishers of Joanne Hayes book also publicly apologised to the police officers whom Joanne Hayes and her ghost writer had libelled and whose reputations she had slandered.
Joanne Hayes then dropped off the radar in Ireland.
Inexplicably no attempt was made to charge her with murder in regard to the baby boy found buried at the Hayes family farm whom Judge Kevin Lynch's Tribunal had concluded she strangled.
Now 34 years after the murders, the Irish police force is claiming to have devised a new technique to create DNA profiles, and thereby to have proven conclusively at last that Joanne Hayes was not the mother of the stabbed baby found at Cahirsiveen.
The new DNA profiling technique is claimed to have been created in an Irish police forensics laboratory and to have been pioneered in the case of missing schoolboy Philip Kerins who is believed to have been kidnapped and murdered in 1986, and whose case of course the police have not solved.
The new DNA profiling technique therefore is by no means a proven, peer reviewed or tested technology.
I find the present day police apology to Joanne Hayes, a woman who admitted along with her family to causing the death of the stabbed baby at Cahirsiveen before retracting her admission, a woman who was deemed by Judge Kevin Lynch to have strangled the baby found buried at the Hayes family farm, and a woman whose publishers paid libel damages to the police officers whose reputations she had impugned in the 1980s, in the light of all this I say, I find the present police apology to Joanne Hayes thoroughly improper.
The additional police claims that they will now use this new pioneering Irish forensic laboratory invented DNA profiling technique to seek the "real" murderer of the Cahirsiveen baby ring with all the inverted integrity of OJ Simpson's claims to be seeking the real murderer of his wife Nicole and her friend Ron Brown .
Joanne Hayes deserves no apology under any circumstances.
I would ask another question.
Has the IRA terrorist, drug dealing, child abusing, people trafficking mafia, heretofore so successful in subverting the trade union movement, the civil service and the media in Ireland, have they finally found a way to subvert the Irish police forensics laboratory.
I'm just asking.
And isn't it strange to a point beyond coincidence, that Joanne Hayes and the Kerry babies should be back in the news right at the moment when political activists in our parliament and media groups, are trying to persuade the Irish people to adopt by referendum a proposal abandoning Ireland's constitutional protection of the lives of unborn children, and permitting their unrestricted killing through the dark amoral lights of a new malevolent atheistic Marxian abortion culture.
The stabbed baby found at Cahirsiveen has long been named John.
The baby Judge Kevin Lynch stated that Joanne Hayes strangled at the Hayes family farm, was never given a name.
From now on, I shall call him Michael.
He deserves our compassion too.
And justice.


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