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Thursday, February 16, 2006

Die Hard 4: Die Hard With A Heelers

Phone call from a work colleague.
"Heelers you would not believe how much the editor hates you. It's not about professional differences. This is something more. I've never seen someone so pissed off. Just be careful."
She was trying to do me a favour. When she'd rung off I stared into space for long moments.
Ah yes.
Let us recall briefly the first Die Hard film.
There's a great bit when the hostages are all grouped together by the terrorists and things are looking pretty grim. Suddenly another terrorist comes in muttering maledictions to himself and frothing at the mouth. He kicks a chair and breaks some delph. Nice Bonnie Bedelia stares at him. The penny drops. Suddenly she suspects that her husband John (played by Bruce Willis) is alive somewhere and may be about to launch a rescue.
"There's still hope," she tells another lady who immediately asks her what she means.
Bonnie points to the frothing terrorist.
"John is still alive," she whispers. "Only he could make somebody that pissed."
Me and Bruce Willis folks.
Whenever the Hans Grubers or editorialising dullards of this world are frothing at the mouth, one or other of us is bound to be involved.


Blogger lucy said...

Oh wow, you reference Die Hard and one of my favourite parts of the movie?

Bless your heart.

11:56 AM  

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