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Monday, June 26, 2006

The Kilcullen Incident Encore

Phoned local radio station Kfm this afternoon and asked for the Head of News.
It was the fourth time I'd phoned them.
This time I left my phone number.
After a moment the Head of News, Ciara Plunket, phoned me back.
I told her my father and myself had filmed UFO's near Kilcullen last Thursday night/Friday morning.
She said: "We covered it already. We had a programme about it on Friday."
I said: "Oh. So other people rang up?"
She told me there had been a few phone texts from Kilcullen about the UFO's and a possible second sighting down in Kilkenny.
I asked what conclusion she had come to.
"The poor man's Northern Lights," said Ciara Plunket.
I thanked her for her time and said goodbye.
I had a feeling it would be the last time I spoke to Ciara Plunket on any topic for any reason over the course of my whole life ever.
Now where are we?
Apparently the UFO's are travelling a little bit too fast for Kfm.
Let's face it bold travellers of the internet.
This particular radio station is more geared towards reading out press releases from Councillor Mack Dulltone in which he welcomes the installation of a new footpath on the Snurdlingham housing estate, or the clipping of a hedge, or the opening of a toilet, or whatever.
That's their speed.
All terribly interesting.
Terribly dramatic.
Excruciatingly so.
Councillor Dulltone will keep them well supplied with those sort of press releases for the next forty years.
No need to interview the two people who saw and filmed UFO's near Kilcullen.
Already covered that.
Let's get back to some indepth analysis of Cllr Dulltone's latest thrill a minute press release.
This is the speed of Kfm.
Things will never change either until the Irish government deigns to allow the citizens of Ireland to set up their own radio stations.
At the moment a bunch of government aparatchiks hand out radio licences to their cronies. Gombeen businessmen and plush bottomed parvenus run the stations without having to compete with any genuine
The Irish people are reduced to farm animals working for these half wits, and their appointees like the Head of News we've just met.
A genuinely independent radio station such as Tom Murphy's in Newbridge gets shut down by the cops.
That's the system.
It's a bastard system.
We get one radio station in each region and no one is allowed to compete with them.
Until such time as we get together to insist on the right of any individual to set up a radio or television station, until that time I tells ee, we are going to continue to hear Mack Dulltone's dribblings recited in a monotone and passed off as news.
The wheel is rigged.
And it's the only game in town.


Blogger Genevieve said...

"The poor man's Northern Lights," said Ciara Plunket.

What an obnoxious woman. I'd file a complaint about her people skills. I guess she thinks she's God's right hand assistant.

1:54 AM  
Blogger heelers said...

It was a kodak moment!

5:18 AM  
Blogger Schneewittchen said...

Poor man's Northern Lights doesn't make sense at all...I'd expect them to be...well, like the real Northern Lights only in low definition, yours weren't like that at all. I think Ciara Plunket is in on the conspiracy.
Interesting that others had reported them though.

7:14 AM  

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