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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

they're back

Phone call Tuesday evening 10.35pm.
It's business woman Nessa Dunlea looking for the Dad.
The Dad talks to her for a few moments then calls for me.
"Nessa's after seeing something she thinks might be the lights we filmed," he tells me.
We race up the stairs to the window overlooking the fields.
The Dad is still talking to Nessa on the phone.
She tells him she saw six lights over Urquahart's Wood as she drove home. She'd rung us the moment she got in the door.
Literally five minutes ago she'd seen them.
We stand at the window. Nothing to see. Nessa rings off. We wait a few more minutes. Then I go to bring Paddy Pup for a walk.
The Mammy steps out onto the front lawn with me. She points at a star.
"That's what you're seeing," she says.
I chuckle. She goes back into the house.
I notice a brightness in the sky from the direction of the woods.
One light appears. Then another. And another. And another.
They are motionless in the sky.
Brighter than I remembered and with colour in them.
Three of them are in an almost vertical line with the fourth slightly off to the right.
They are more beautiful than I remembered.
I become quite excited and call for the Dad to get his video camera.
He goes to the upstairs window.
I go to the fields.
The Mammy is having a shower and stays in it.
I take a photograph with my Sony camera. It shows something emitting red light.
This will be the only image we have from tonight.
Nothing shows up on the video.
The phenomena last only a short time. I stake out the window for another hour.
Then I take my car and drive out the road for a bit on the off chance of finding something. But no luck.
Back home I do another half hour at the window. Still nothing.
The lights were first seen over a month ago at 2.20am on Friday 23 June 2006.
Nessa saw them tonight Tuesday 25 July 2006 at around 10.25pm. I saw them at 11.05pm.
The mystery deepens...


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This is getting weirder and weirder...and exciting!

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