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Monday, April 07, 2008

london days part deux

Still London.
Sitting in the library at Charing Cross.
The homeless girl in the corner has just shot me a smile.
She's the most beautiful girl in the place.
A veritable ingenue.
If you were casting a play or a film she'd be the one.
The hardship of her lifestyle is plain to see.
Her clothes fairly ragged.
Her house lying beside her.
That is to say everything she owns in the world is stowed in a carrier bag at her feet.
But nothing diminishes her inner light.
Her eyes are pure soul.
I will never know her story.
I wander outside.
Back at the hotel news comes through that the Irish government has fallen.
The Taoiseach (our prime minister) has resigned.
Bloody hell.
I can't take a few days in England without the wheels coming off the wagon in the green Republic.
Really though.
Those people can't manage without me for five minutes.
Anyway Mr Bertie Aherne has resigned and there's nothing more to be done about it.
For the record I didn't support the ongoing enquiry into his personal finances which has led to this resignation.
You don't throw away your Churchill in the middle of World War Two.
What I mean is that for the first time in 800 years, Ireland has a semblance of peace and much of it is down to Mr Aherne.
He created and sustained a personal relationship of mutual respect with the Reverend Ian Paisley leader of the Democratic Unionist Party. He enjoyed a similar rapport with David Trimble of the Official Unionist Party. He developed a relationship of mutual respect with the then British Prime Minister Tony Blair. He fostered and sustained dialogue with the terrorist leaders Gerry Adams and Martin McGuinness.
My own opinion is that Bertram delivered the peace process. (By the grace of God.)
Nope I wouldn't have fired him.
The peace isn't so assured that we can throw away the main player just yet.
I'm on holiday.
Hopefully the Paddy Whacks won't make any more momentous decisions till I get back.
Got to try not to worry.
Surely there's a limit to the damage they can do without my supervision. Isn't there? How bad could it get?
I suppose if they declared an Irish political union with Iran and Syria, that would be fairly bad.
Otherwise I'm not going to worry.
I wonder where my homeless girl is tonight...


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