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Thursday, October 29, 2009

the empire pops a dookie

An almost wheedling note has entered the writings of Paedophile Ian O'Doherty, the abysmal mendacious coward, famous for his lying claim published by the Irish Independent calling the Catholic church a paedophile ring.
O'Doherty has perhaps become aware that some of us are not too happy about his disgraceful, blatent, egregiously foul attempt to ruin the reputation of our ancestors, our compatriots, our brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers, uncles, aunts, priests, nuns, teachers, friends, neighbours and loved ones.
Hence the appearance of his more wheedling tones.
O'Doherty wrote recently that he didn't understand why Christians would get so upset when confronted with empirical evidence that their beliefs are untrue.
Wheedly dee.
But this is magnificent.
Empirical evidence that Christianity is untrue.
And O'Doherty has found it.
What an achievement.
Ian O'Doherty, this miserable cowardly jeering tyke has surpassed the thinking and philosophy of Albert Einstein, Carl Jung, Sir Isaac Newton, William Blake, Pope John Paul The Second, Bishop Von Galen, Charles Dickens, William Shakespeare, Paul Claudel, Saint Teresa of Calcutta, Saint Teresa of Avila, Saint Therese of Lisieux, in fact all the Saint Teresas, William of Occam, and even King Charles The Second Of England, my personal favourite, the Merry Monarch who stunned the Protestant courtiers clustered around his death bed with the last line: "Er sorry lads, I'm a Catholic."
Ian O'Doherty has surpassed the intellectual and spiritual knowledge of the Christians murdered by Hitler.
Ian O'Doherty has surpassed the insight, testimony and courage, of the millions of Christians martyred in communist Russia and communist China.
Ian O'Doherty has surpassed the honour and integrity of the millions of Christians who have been slaughtered by the satanic alliance of Arab Islamists and communist tribal fascists in Africa.
Ian O'Doherty has surpassed the sacrifice of the priests and nuns who brought to Europe and the world a culture of humanity, education, respect for men, women and children, rights of the person, and cultural advancement which up to now has been quite frankly envied by every other non Christian culture on earth.
Ian O'Doherty has surpassed even me.
The immortal Ian O'Doherty has buried us all.
We're all just members of a paedophile ring intent on ignoring the clear empirical evidence O'Doherty has found for the non existence of God.
This is wondrous news.
Ian O'Doherty of Independent Newspapers says he has found empiric evidence that Christianity is untrue.
Empiric evidence.
Not syncopated sneering from a semi literate plagiarising cur unfit to tie the boot straps of the people he has calumniated and betrayed.
Empiric evidence.
He must share it with us.
He must not hesitate a moment further.
This should be a hoot.
I wonder does he actually know what the word empiric means?
But the wheedling doesn't stop there.
Again more recently Ian O'Doherty has written in the Irish Independent wondering self righteously why Christians are unforgiving of people who offend them.
He cites his own prophet the late American comedian Bill Hicks.
Bill Hicks, dead by the age of 30, is unique among comedians for never having said a funny thing in his life either accidentally or on purpose.
Bill Hicks is the comedian best beloved of half wits who have no opinions of their own.
He is particularly popular among the most atheistic dessicated anodyne conformist segment of the Irish journalistic profession.
Hey lads.
It's not that radical if you're all saying the same thing.
Ian O'Doherty rather plaintively cites Bill Hicks attitude to Christians.
Bill Hicks once claimed some Christians had come backstage to threaten him after a show.
O'Doherty quotes Hicks as having told the evil threatening Christians: "If you're Christian you have to forgive me."
Personally I don't think this ever happened.

I think Bill Hicks made it up.
Ian O'Doherty thinks it's a great line.
What Ian O'Doherty means by it is: "Hey Christians you have to forgive me no matter what I do."
And he thinks he's entitled to quote the Lord in this regard in order better to uphold his own crass lies about innocent human beings.
Because of course Ian O'Doherty interprets the Bill Hicks makey uppy line, the Bill Hicks fictional retort to fictional Christians, the Bill Hicks never happened and no one believes it routine, as answering all criticisms, including my empirical ones, of Ian O'Doherty's own cowardly mendacious malign lies about Christian people as published in the Irish Independent, to wit his most odious lie of all, when he wrote that the Catholic church is a paedophile ring.

Bill Hicks never made any jokes about Muslims by the way.
He was way too scared.
So Ian O'Doherty thinks Christians have to forgive him for trahaising and maligning those heroic people who gave their lives for our country, our nation and our culture.
Let me correct myself.
Ian O'Doherty thinks Christians have to forgive him for trahaising and maligning those heroic people who gave their lives for God.

God is why they gave their lives.
What we received, because they gave their lives for God, was our country, our nation, our culture, and in fact everything worthwhile we possess.

And O'Doherty quotes the Bible to infer we all have to bow to any lie he tells about them.
Remember folks, Ian O'Doherty hasn't apologised.
He hasn't asked to be forgiven.
He has demanded forgiveness.
But here's the deal.
We are not Ian O'Doherty's judges.
It is not up to us to forgive him.
Maybe the voices of unforgiveness going round in Ian O'Doherty's head are the voices of his own conscience.
He should try telling those they have no choice but to forgive him.
Of course Christians do quite frankly assess Ian O'Doherty's writings and dismiss them for what they are, namely lying, mendacious, malign, cowardly, dishonorable sneers.
The courageless outpourings of a conformist toe rag who saw everyone else in the school yard persecuting Catholics, and decided: "Me too."
We assess Ian O'Doherty's lies and calumnies and slanders without fear or favour.
We reject Ian O'Doherty's attempt to selectively quote the son of the Hebrew God (Hint O'Doherty: I mean the Creator of the Universe not Bill Hicks) to selectively quote the Messiah in order to compel those who would honorably speak out in defence of the persecuted innocents, in order to compel them I say, to acquiesce to Ian O'Doherty's outrageous unwarranted and crassly moronically dishonourable lies about the Catholic church.
Jesus told us to turn the other cheek.
And like all his teachings it's living teaching.
Even 2000 years later it's alive.
Infuriating teaching.
Crazily impractical teaching.
But oh something so unutterably alive about it.
None of us who seek to believe in Jesus parrot this teaching as justification for our own wrongdoings as O'Doherty does.
We discuss it, rebel against it, meditate on it, embrace it, fail it, savour it, sometimes understand it a little, occasionally live it, and most often listen to it proclaimed by scoundrels like O'Doherty who wish to silence due criticism of themselves, or to arrest any dignified defiance of their lousy persecutions of heroic Christian people.
Nothing in the Bible may be used as a justification for tyrants.
That means you O'Doherty.
Sometimes the devil quotes scripture for his own ends.
I am referring to you again O'Doherty.
Here is my opinion.
I believe that no statement of Jesus and no word of the Bible may be used by Ian O'Doherty to cover his tracks after he falsely, crassly, vilely and vomitously attempted to destroy the reputation of millions of decent people, the Catholics of Ireland and the world who have sought to preach the royal truth and in so doing have gifted humanity with its only real hope of deliverance from the oppression of Satan.
Thank you gentle travellers of the internet for your time and patience.


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