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Thursday, October 22, 2009

an open letter to the priests and the nuns and the christians of ireland

Tony O'Reilly, proprietor of Independent Newspapers, is about to pop his clogs.
He is an old man and is due a rest.
As are we.
When he dies you will be asked to attend his funeral.
Before you decide whether or not to attend any funerals or other family events hosted by the O'Reillys, I ask you to consider what Tony O'Reilly's newspaper group has attempted to do to the Catholic church.
Recently one of O'Reilly's employees a mendacious malign coward called Ian O'Doherty wrote in the Irish Independent that the Catholic Church is a paedophile ring.
On another recent occasion in the Irish Independent one of O'Reilly's even more pathetic employees by the name of John Cooney called for a boycott of the sacraments.
Yet another of O'Reilly's employees Ger Colleran editor of The Daily Star falsely and grotesquely claimed on national television that children had been screaming for help in every Catholic church presbytery in Ireland.
The irony is that Colleran while being O'Reilly's employee is also an employee of British porn baron Richard Desmond with whom O'Reilly has a publishing deal regarding The Daily Star.
This is the age we live in.
The cowards, the conformists and the porn barons are presuming to set themselves up in judgement on the ancient church and her members, to set themselves up as judge, jury, and executioner, on the very people who gave us a free country, a literate country, a numerate country, a country where you could openly state your opinions, where women were respected and equal members of society, where the vast majority of children could grow up in safety, where murder rates and sex abuse rates and rape rates were virtually the lowest on the planet earth.
In just thirty years of lies, O'Reilly's Indpendent Newspapers, and their allies in The Irish Times and the State funded Stalinist broadcaster RTE, have all but vitiated 1500 years of christianity.
And they have done it whilst hiding behind a smoke screen of recycled sex abuse cases.
They have done it while colluding desperately and diseasedly to prevent the citizens of Ireland ever finding out that 99.99 percent of sex abuse crimes actually take place in family homes at the hands of near relatives.
They have done it while deliberately and doltishly concealing from the general public the fact that sex abuse, murder, violence, rape and drug crime are off the scale in the present era.
This is an age of massive sexual abuse.
This age.
Not the past.
The preponderance of sex abuse cases and the worst of them, are committed by atheistic or satanistic people living in our midst.
Not by priests.
And the public doesn't know.
Because Independent Newspapers and their friends have covered up this fact.
The sex abuse crimes of today, the rapes, the violations, the tortures, and the murders, make the worst crimes of the past pale in comparison.
And I'm telling you all this is Independent Newspapers' work.
Be assured.
They will never stop their attempts to destroy the Catholic church.
They can't afford to.
In their own minds they believe the truth would damn them.
But they are going out of business anyway.
They are sinking giggling beneath the waves as their readership collapses yet further and further.
And they are singing the same old song as they go down.
"The evil Catholic church causes all the sex abuse in the world, our readership collapsed only because of the internet not because of the lies we tell, glug, glug, glug."
Goodbye Independent Newspapers goodbye.
It's all very sad.
And goodbye Tony O'Reilly.
There is a high likelihood that the Archbishop of Dublin Diarmuid Martin will attend O'Reilly's funeral and will attempt to compel significant numbers of the priesthood and sisterhood and the faithful to attend also.
Tell him no.
Tell him he can betray the ancient church if he wishes, but that in this instance Tony O'Reilly and his horrendous family and his vile sycophantic newspaper group, can handle their own funerals.
Let the dead bury the dead.


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