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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

the monica leech laugh in

Ian O'Doherty falsely asserted in the Irish Independent that the Catholic church is a paedophile ring.
In so doing he libelled, callumniated and trahaised millions of people, including those of our forefathers who passed on to us a free nation, rich in culture, ideas, free speech, faith and tradition.
A country that didn't owe the world billions of dollars and wasn't facing penury through the excesses of a single selfish generation.
In just twenty years Independent Newspapers has been to the fore in deculturing our country, cossetting the political elites who have spent us into the gutter, and blatently advancing the sex, drugs and hedonism ethos which has so explicitly mired us in the violent society.
Now the country is facing penury due to the excesses of a single selfish generation, a generation Independent Newspapers has encouraged to stand in judgement on the Catholic church through a barrage of lies such as the one propagated by Ian O'Doherty.
In this time Independent Newspapers has used sex abuse cases as a tool in its mission to destroy the church, focussing on the tiny minority of cases which involved clerical or religious people, and all but ignoring the vast majority of cases, the veritable explosion of child abuse in our midst, which do not involve believers of any hue.
Ian O'Doherty's egregiously foul statement is just the most casual example of what has been an ongoing church persecution at the hands of Independent Newspapers.
There has been not a penny in libel paid out by Ian O'Doherty for the shameful lie he attempted to propagate about the Catholic church in the pages of the Irish Independent.

Monica Leech got paid several hundred thousand quid by a Fianna Fail government Minister allegedly to do some work for him.
The money was taken from the public coffers.
That is to say it was taken from you and me.
When Independent Newspapers wrote about the circumstances in which Monica Leech received this money, and the behaviour of Monica Leech and the Minister who paid her, Monica Leech took a court action.
Monica Leech was awarded 1.87 million quid in a libel trial presided over by the grandson of the founder of Fianna Fail.

Clearly something is wrong here.


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