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Monday, November 09, 2009

the monica leech laugh in

The Irish government is going to have to cancel its bail out of Allied Irish Banks and the Bank Of Ireland.
Executives at both of these collapsed banks have continued to pay themselves million dollar salaries and silly money bonuses in spite of the non existence of profits at these entities.
Previous billion dollar profits over the past twenty years were achieved using accountancy tricks.
In addition Allied Irish Banks is now defying the government by insisting on making its own decision as to who is appointed its new Chairman.
Time to tell em to go fish Prime Minister.
Do you hear me?
Don't make me come round there and smack you.
Yeah I'm talking to you.
Prime Minister Corrupt Fianna Fail Douchebag, it's time to cancel the access you have given Allied Irish Banks and Bank Of Ireland to public money.
It's time to end the lien on the future of this country that you have accorded to invidiously corrupt financial institutions.
Do it you collossal Paddy Whack.
And remember.
You don't even possess the billions in public money you are throwing at the banks.
You are borrowing these billions and saddling the populace with the bank's debts.
Prime Minister I order you to cease using my money and the money of all other Irish citizens to bankroll your friends in the corrupt banking industry.
You may of course choose to provide guarantees to ordinary depositors at these collapsed banks.
That is you may guarantee the deposits of people who are not billion dollar bankruptee property developers or bank officials and bank employees, ie your friends.
But the banks themselves must be let go down.
I gotta tell you Prime Minister.
In my opinion they're already gone.


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