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Monday, November 09, 2009

ghosts in the machine

They materialise like ghosts out of the ether.
All across the internet.
I've been finding them.
On business forums and chat sites.
Comments left by individuals advising people to buy Johnston Press shares.
Usually anonymous.
Possibly the commentors are ashamed.
The comments say things like: "This share is undervalued." "This company is sound. My wife works for them." "Johnston Press already weathered a recession in the 1980's. They'll come through this one as well." "The company has gotten rid of some people and is well set for recovery."
Gotten rid of some people?
So clinical.
Worthy of the Mafia.
Let me try to retain my equilibrium for a moment.
But some of the comments are not anonymous.
They bear names like The Jock, or Moneybags.
The next best thing to anonymous.
None of the commentors are readily identifiable.
It's most strange.
Let me tell you what those comments are.
Those comments are a share support operation by the Johnston Press.
If you heed them, you will lose all your money.
The Johnston Press is attempting to prop up its share price.
Let em do it on their own dime.


Memo to John Fry Chief Executive Officer of the Johnston Press: What did you do with my pension you evil c---.


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