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Sunday, January 31, 2010

something wicked this way comes

Archbishop Diarmuid Martin has again been attacking Bishops in the pages of the Irish Times.
Archbishop Diarmuid Martin has once more spoken out to condemn Bishops who dare to defend themselves against the lies and innuendo in Judge Yvonne Murphy's report into the Bishops' handling of old child abuse cases.
I have noted previously that Archbishop Diarmuid Martin's brother Seamus was formerly a pro Soviet writer for the Irish Times.
I have also raised the question as to precisely why Archbishop Diarmuid Martin leaks so many stories to that same Irish Times.
It is an odd way for Archbishop Diarmuid Martin to communicate with the faithful, with Bishops, or indeed with anyone.
I have expressed serious disquiet at the manner in which Archbishop Diarmuid Martin has publically intimated guilt and wrong doing towards various Bishops mentioned in Yvonne Murphy's report into the handling of old child abuse cases.
I believe Yvonne Murphy's report amounts to a persecution of the church.
The only crime it can place at the foot of Bishops is the crime of not defying all the professional and legal advice they received thirty years ago and instead handling the sex abuse cases they were dealing with then, in the way Yvonne Murphy claims she thinks they should be handled today.
That's some ascription of wrong doing.
The liberals leading this persecution are confident the public will never fully understand the manipulation being carried out here.
The notion is being propagated in the public mind that Bishops concealed sex abuse.
I note that Liberal Judges such as Yvonne Murphy are not very adept at protecting children in their own care. I mean vulnerable children whom the Judges encounter in the courts system. Judges leave babies in the custody of violent drug dealing parents time and time again. The Judges consider it inhumane to break up such families. We've had three dead babies already this year in those circumstances. Three we know about.
So you all know where I stand.
Now Archbishop Diarmuid Martin is upping the ante with blatent attacks on Bishop Dermot O'Mahoney and on any Bishop who publically disagrees with the insinuations in Yvonne Murphy's report. (The interview with Archbishop Diarmuid Martin was forwarded to the Irish Times live from Davos in Switzerland by a journalist styling himself Simon Carswell .)
So Archbishop Diarmuid Martin doesn't think Bishops have the right to defend themselves.
Very interesting.
Bishop Dermot O'Mahoney had provoked the Archbishop Diarmuid Martin's ire by gently pointing out some of the unfairness, inaccuracies and inconsistencies in statements emanating from Archbishop Diarmuid Martin.
The Irish Times in its article does not of course bother to clarify the reasons for Bishop O'Mahoney's earlier mild criticisms of Archbishop Diarmuid Martin.
Inconsistencies is a damn kind word for what the Irish Times favourite Archbishop Diarmuid Martin was propagating.
Some time ago Archbishop Diarmuid Martin falsely claimed that Bishop O'Mahoney had never issued a public apology for the criticisms levelled at him in Yvonne Murphy's report, when in fact Martin was fully aware that an apology had been issued and was BEING HELD FROM PUBLIC VIEW by Martin's own communications department personnel.
Today's tissue of innuendos from Archbishop Diarmuid Martin again falsely attribute guilt to Bishops mentioned in Yvonne Murphy's report.
In fact Archbishop Diarmuid Martin goes further.
He attributes guilt to Bishops for the crime of disputing the report's findings.
This is a new crime.
A newly invented crime.
To go with all the new crimes retrospectively invented by Yvonne Murphy in the report itself.
Archbishop Diarmuid Martin now proposes removing the right of reply from men whom Archbishop Diarmuid Martin is callumniating in the national press.
And betraying.
Archbishop Diarmuid Martin is ascribing guilt to Bishops who dare to dispute Yvonne Murphy's conclusions, her motivations, and her rationale.
You understand what this means.
Archbishop Diarmuid Martin is attempting to overturn our two thousand year old conception of justice.
That a person accused of anything is entitled to a fair hearing.
Archbishop Diarmuid Martin whines to the Irish Times: "All I would like to see is people accept accountability and say 'look this is what happened.' In that letter there is a certain rejection of what happened."
All he would like to see.
The crassness of it.
All he would like to see is people accepting guilt where they have done nothing wrong, where their handling of sex abuse cases stemmed from poor legal advice, wrong advice from psycho therapists dealing with the abusers, and a general culture in Ireland which advocated handling such matters discretely.
That's all Diarmuid Martin wants.
Accept guilt for something you never did.
Allow Diarmuid Martin and Yvonne Murphy to lodge in the public mind the notion that you deliberately covered up sex abuse.
That's all he wants.
Not too much to ask surely.
I'm telling you.
All of you.
Archbishop Diarmuid Martin is an evil man.
Evil or criminally stupid.
That letter.
The letter he is referring to.
That letter is the one from Bishop Dermot O'Mahoney which up to this moment Archbishop Diarmuid Martin was pretending did not exist.
Bishop O'Mahoney's letter in fact accepted too much responsibilty for things he hadn't done.
It accorded too much credibility to the manipulations of Judge Yvonne Murphy and to the attendant manipulative posturing of Archbishop Diarmuid Martin.
It was far too polite to an Archbishop who no longer is entitled to politeness.
This is a bad man.
I gotta tell you folks.
Archbishop Diarmuid Martin is himself the greatest tragedy to befall the church in Ireland in the past five hundred years.
All those who've sought the destruction of the church in that time, the only thing they never quite managed, was to get one of their own at the top.
Remember this.
Archbishop Diarmuid Martin has been content to ascribe guilt to Bishops who have never in their lives done anything wrong.
He has accepted Yvonne Murphy's blase incrimination of heroes.
He has rubber stamped her silken innuendos and malignly contrived hindsight.
He has acquiesced as she slandered the best among us.
The ones who gave selflessly of their lives and their youth to make a better Ireland.
Archbishop Diarmuid Martin endorsed every mendacious thesis Murphy constructed and not only that.
He sought to remove the right of reply.
He permitted Murphy to publically voice the foulest accusations against Bishops.
The deliberate concealment of sex abuse.
And then he told the Bishops they must all accept her findings.
So her report isn't a report.
It's a verdict.
Yvonne Murphy is not a Judge.
She's Judge And Jury.
And Archbishop Diarmuid Martin is Executioner.
The executioner of reputations.
My God, it would have been kinder to murder those men.
Labelling them as concealers of sex abuse and taking away their right to reply... why it was just... inhuman.
The only similar persecutions I can think of, existed in China, where Mao's communists would sometimes dislocate an accused person's jaw to prevent them from speaking.
Even Hitler and Stalin with all their show trials, even they at least went through the motions of allowing the defendants to state their case.
I say it again.
We are dealing with evil.
At best, Archbishop Diarmuid Martin is an appeaser of the liberal atheistic elites who are seeking to dechristianise Ireland and who are using old sex abuse cases as a Trojan Horse for their mission of destruction.
At best.
He is an appeaser.
But he's more than this.
It's clear he's probably something a whole lot worse.
For some reason Archbishop Diarmuid Martin has stood aside while a media and judicial conspiracy sought to strip the church of her leaders.
For some reason, though he is a church leader, the conspiracy isn't focussed on him.
I think this is because he is a part of it.


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