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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

in plain view

Strolling down the main street in the town of Naas.
I see a teenage boy sidling along the path.
He ties his dog to a lamp post.
Then he enters a drug dealing shop.
These drug dealing shops, styled Head Shops, have been opened overnight by crime gangs in almost every town in Ireland.
The teenager emerges from the drug dealing shop moments later.
He retrieves his dog and passes me by, avoiding eye contact.
There is no sign of Garda Sergeant James D O'Meara who summonsed me to court last month for the crime of daring to allow a light to break on my car as I drove from Dublin in the rain.
I look at the drug dealing shop.
It is located in premises across the road from the Naas District Courthouse, the same Naas District Courthouse where a Lebanese Judge styling himself "Desmond" Zaidan fined me 200 quid last week for the crime of daring to let my car light break, the crime of daring to take affront when Sergeant James D O'Meara threw a photo on the ground from my wallet, and compelled me to stand in the rain in a tee shirt while he shouted in my face "You should know that light is gone," refusing to answer my questions about the manner in which he was conducting himself, smirking when I asked were my rights being infringed and sneering "Maybe you should ask your solicitor," before finally stomping away from me with a triumphant snarl of "I'm finished with you."
Nothing too strange there by the policing standards of the failed permanently civil war riven thug statelet of Lebanon.
But not traditionally acceptable police behaviour in Ireland.
The drug dealing shop is located in premises between Allied Irish Banks and the law firm of Coughlan And Company. Allied Irish Banks is still trading only because our corrupt kleptocratic Fianna Fail government has paid it thousands of millions of dollars of our money to enable it to continue it to pay its Chief Executive and Board members huge salaries in return for running a company that they've already run into the ground. Coughlan And Company Solicitors like all law firms in the Republic of Ireland floats on the free legal aid system, a system whereby our corrupt kleptocratic Fianna Fail government gives public money to members of the criminal classes to help them beat the rap when they're caught for crimes a good deal more serious than allowing a light to break on their cars.
The drug dealing shop is located a few paces from the offices of the Leinster Leader, a near defunct newspaper from which I was fired two years ago by a British printing group called the Johnston Press which had bought the paper with money borrowed from idiot banks, now also defunct, paying a price of 138 million for a newspaper that on a good day might have generated a million a year, leaving the amoral parvenu spiv Johnston Press with the choice of either firing people and hiring cheap teenagers or waiting another 138 years to make their investment back.
I stood looking at the drug dealing shop.
Still no sign of Sergeant James D O'Meara.
Probably busy out hunting car lights.
My sources tell me that the building in which the drug dealing shop is located actually belongs to a Judge called Coughlan.
My sources say that Judge Coughlan denies knowing that his tenants are using his premises to deal drugs.
I don't care what Judge Coughlan denies.
Well he would, wouldn't he.
The law is ceasing to exist in the Republic of Ireland.


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