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Saturday, March 27, 2010

independent newspapers scores another tremendous deal

The anti Catholic newspaper group Independent Newspapers has copperfastened its reputation as the most abysmally run media group on the planet earth with a deal to offload its British titles to a KGB agent called Alexander Lebedev.
The deal was initially reported as involving the payment of a symbolic fee by Mr Lebed of £1 for The Independent and its sister paper The Independent On Sunday.
What was not initially clear was the fact that Independent Newspapers had actually paid Mr Lebed 10 million dollars to take the papers off their hands.
So they paid him ten mill to take over their failing anti Catholic, anti Western, anti George Bush, anti Tony Blair, readerless, pro Islamist Robert Fisk publishing crapsheets.
Some days you just can't give crap away, eh Independent Newspapers?
Here is the news.
Independent Newspapers has for forty years told Irish people that it was a tremendously successful media group.
This lie along with all their other lies is being laid bare.
Independent Newspapers owes two billion dollars to creditors.
That's two billion that we know about.
They've got no readers and no public standing.
The newspaper group which undertook to destroy the Catholic Church has itself been totally destroyed.
Now Independent Newspapers can't even give away its useless anti Catholic loss making titles.
They have to pay a Russian gangster ten million quid to take them off their hands.
Hilarious no.
Independent Newspapers is sinking beneath the waves giggling anti Catholic platitudes as it drowns.
Goodbye Independent Newspapers, goodbye.


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