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Friday, March 19, 2010

the infernal machinations of archbishop diarmuid martin

Archbishop Diarmuid Martin was on the cover of the Irish Times yesterday.
He was quoted by the Irish Times atheistic religious affairs correspondent as suggesting that it may be necessary to extend Judge Yvonne Murphy's remit to every diocese in Ireland.
Judge Yvonne Murphy is responsible for the trumped up manipulative report into old child abuse cases which is currently being used by the media and their agent Archbishop Diarmuid Martin to destroy the Catholic Church.
Under Yvonne Murphy's retrospective random reinterpretation of sex abuse cases, it is now possible for liberal atheists in the Judiciary, the media, and parliament, to invent and ascribe guilt to any churchman they wish.
This is a persecution.
Malign, vicious and evil.
A two fold persecution.
By the media from without.
By Archbishop Diarmuid Martin from within.
Archbishop Diarmuid Martin's statement on the cover of the Irish Times (where his atheistic pro Soviet brother Seamus Martin was once political editor) amounted to a threat to every priest in Ireland.
What Archbishop Diarmuid Martin was saying to the priests of Ireland was this:
"I can get you. None of you are safe. What I've done to Cardinal Sean Brady and to the Bishops, I can do to you. You are mine."
It is time we stopped fearing the hand of the man who strikes us.
Archbishop Diarmuid Martin only possesses power that has been given to him for a little while.
It is not to endure.
It will pass.
Independent Newspapers, The Irish Times, and RTE also possess solely a temporal and temporary power.
They are evaporating before our eyes.
They owe billions of dollars to idiot banks who have financed their anti Catholic agendas for forty years.
Their world is passing away with the world of the banks who succoured them.
Do not fear them.
They are nothing.
Tonight in Kilcullen church I saw a notice that Archbishop Diarmuid Martin has instructed priests of the region to display in all churches.
The notice apologises for sex abuse violations that the priests of the region did not commit, had no involvement with, were not a party to, and have never countenanced.
Archbishop Diarmuid Martin claims his notice is a poem written by a sex abuse victim.
It isn't.
It is a tissue of inculpatory inuendos which enables Archbishop Diarmuid Martin to humiliate every priest.
In the carpark outside Kilcullen Church one of my Uncles approached me.
"What are they doing to our church?" he asked.
I took a deep breath.
"Listen Uncle," I said. "In the past week Christians have been murdered in Pakistan, in India, and in Nigeria. These are our brothers. God has deemed them worthy to stand closer to him in the crucifixion. We haven't been asked to face that yet. We are being asked to face a different kind of persecution. This too is a privilege. To suffer with Christ. And he hasn't asked us to bear the stripes. He knows we're not ready. That's why we got the easier job. Nobody has whipped us or shot us yet. Why do we worry so much about what evil doers think of us? It is because we do not care enough about what God thinks of us. In Mexico the communist government has slaughtered priests for decades. In Spain during the Civil War the communists were crucifying priests by nailing them to the doors of their churches. We haven't come up against anything like that. But what we face has the same source as the other oppressions. It is the same evil seeking to destroy the church. The worm of old whose name is Satan. We've been given a different persecution to face. But it has the same author. Anyway Uncle, if you know it's a persecution then I say to you, you are truly blessed. Many have watched this persecution and self righteously cheered it on. They will repent in hell fire at the end of time."
The Uncle weighed my words.
"Well then what should we do?" he wondered. "Should we do as Jesus said and turn the other cheek?"
I thought for a moment.
"Anything that is of Christ is the right thing to do," I answered finally. "But bowing to an oppressor is not turning the other cheek. Allowing scoundrels to humiliate 80 year old Bishops and Cardinals, monks and nuns, by inventing crimes to ascribe to them, and subjecting them to trial by the mob, or trial by the cocaine addicts and whore masters of Independent Newspapers, is not turning the other cheek. Remember Jesus' other words. Remove the beam from your own eye so that you can see clearly to remove the beam from your brother's. No greater love hath any man than to lay down his life for his brother. And if you speak for me before men, I will speak for you before the Father. This is a cosmic battle Uncle. This is a time when evil is making its greatest efforts to lay low the human race. Of course it had to discredit the church to ever have a chance of leading the people into slavery. Of course it did. This is the darkest night in the history of humanity except for the night on which Jesus died. But you know what. This is the happiest night of my life because of the questions you have asked me and because you said the words OUR CHURCH."


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