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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

the unspeakable and the damned

The ageing Maoist who styles himself Vincent Browne was presenting his usual jumped up atheistic anti Catholic propaganda on the failed television station TV3 last night.
Vincent Browne has always been a man to demand apologies from the church for any contrived crime he or his atheistic media allies choose to lay at its door.
But Vincent Browne doesn't like apologising himself.
Vincent Browne has never apologised for the 70 million murders of Chairman Mao.
Vincent Browne has never even admitted Chairman Mao murdered anyone.
Vincent Browne has never apologised for the murders committed in Soviet Russia.
Vincent Browne has never apologised for the murders committed throughout Africa, Asia and South America by Vincent Browne's fellow atheistic communists seeking world domination.
Vincent Browne has never apologised for Vincent Browne's own advocacy of the IRA, the Soviet Union, Maoist China, international communism in general, Arab terrorism in particular, abortion culture, condom culture, and abortificient culture, in the pages of the failed newspaper The Sunday Tribune which he edited almost to its destruction in the 1980s and beyond.
The Sunday Tribune never made a profit by the way.
It exists still only because the loss making anti Catholic Independent Newspapers bankrolls it.
Independent Newspapers meanwhile owes creditors 1500 million dolllars.
Independent Newspapers exists only because our corrupt kleptocratic Fianna Fail government gives it millions of dollars a year in health board and State sector advertising, and because the bankrupt banks who loaned it the 1500 million dollars in the first place to finance the present anti Catholic pogrom are themselves being bankrolled by the corrupt kleptocratic Fianna Fail government using our money.
The anti Catholic Irish Times, since we're in this neck of the woods, lost a hundred millon dollars last year.
It too exists only because of government adverts and the largesse of busted bank's.
And the anti Catholic broadcaster RTE exists only because Catholic people are compelled by law to pay it hundreds of millions of dollars a year in licence fees regardless of whether we ever watch it or not.
But I digress.
We were talking about Vincent Browne.
Vincent Browne has never apologised for his attempts to destroy the Catholic Church while posing as an objective reporter of events.
Vincent Browne is a pious atheistic humbug stewing in his own hypocrasy.
And last night as expected he marshalled one of his specially selected sex abuse victims to the podium.
A sex abuse victim who can be depended to say what the media want her to say.
And on queue the selected sex abuse victim, reading from notes, with infinite condescension proclaimed: "The Catholic church may be allowed to exist in some form in the future."
How big of her.
But the real crime is Vincent Browne's.
The woman was gormless.
Gormlessness is no excuse for helping the Nazis.
Nor is being a sex abuse victim.
A sex abuse victim who helps the Nazis is still a Nazi when all is said and done.
But the woman was genuinely gormless.
Vincent Browne knew exactly what he was doing when he manipulated her.
The specially selected sex abuse victim added in her condescending diatribe that the future existence of the Catholic Church would be predicated on Archbishop Diarmuid Martin being given control of the Catholic Church.
So there you have it.
At least we know what they're after.
These atheists and their parrots presume to tell us that in the future they may, just may, allow us to exist.
And they've become quite open about their strategy of planting the infiltrating liberal leftist Archbishop Diarmuid Martin at the head of the church.
Did any you of doubt it was coming?
This is a persecution.
In Nigeria last week, Muslim rioters killed five hundred Christians.
In Iraq, Muslim rioters murdered and terrorised hundreds of Christian families from their homes.
In recent weeks there have been mob murders of Christians in Pakistan and Northern India also.
In Ireland the persecution is more subtle.
But the aim is the same.
Make no mistake about it.
The killing will come later.


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