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Thursday, March 18, 2010

the vengeance of archbishop diarmuid martin

Archbishop Diarmuid Martin is attempting to terrorise Cardinal Sean Brady from office.
Archbishop Diarmuid Martin is doing this as a strategic power play, part of his personal quest to remake the Catholic Church in Ireland in his own image.
More interestingly, Archbishop Diarmuid Martin is also doing this as an act of revenge.
To destroy Cardinal Sean Brady, Archbishop Diarmuid Martin is using the usual standard operational media barrage to create an infernal frame up, concocting notional retrospective guilt over Cardinal Sean Brady in his handling of an old sex abuse case and splashing lurid inuendos on the front pages of anti Catholic publications such as The Irish Times and Independent Newspapers.
Ask youself this.
Why do anti Catholic newspapers love Archbishop Diarmuid Martin so much?
Because he's one of them.
Archbishop Diarmuid Martin's campaign has continued apace on Saint Patrick's Day.
I'd say Saint Patrick is turning in his grave.
To understand what is going on we should remember how Archbishop Diarmuid Martin fled Rome in infantile fury last month after his plans to oust a generation of Irish Bishops by tarring them as concealers of child abuse came a cropper.
That was Archbishop Diarmuid Martin's first attempted coup d'etat against the Catholic Church in Ireland.
The current attacks against Cardinal Sean Brady are his second.
But the attacks against Cardinal Sean Brady are something more.
Something more than o'erleaping ambition.
Archbishop Diarmuid Martin now despises Cardinal Sean Brady with a passion and is determined to drag his name through the mud.
For Archbishop Diarmuid Martin's initial media orchestrated coup against the Bishops was unseated at the final hurdle in Rome only because Cardinal Sean Brady made it clear to the Pope that Archbishop Diarmuid Martin did not speak for him, or for the Bishops, or for the people of Ireland.
Now Archbishop Diarmuid Martin is determined to have his revenge.
The vengeance of Archbishop Diarmuid Martin is as bloody, cruel and malign as a crucifixion.
Using an old case involving a deceased child abuser called Brendan Smyth, Archbishop Diarmuid Martin's allies in the media have this week launched simultaneous propaganda strikes against Cardinal Sean Brady.
Apparently over three decades ago the young Sean Brady had been present when victims of Brendan Smyth were interviewed and sworn to secrecy.
Archbishop Diarmuid Martin's media propagandists are now suggesting that the younger Sean Brady should have gone to the police.
The Brendan Smyth case has been recycled time and time again over the past sixteen years by Irish media groups attempting to use it to discredit the Catholic Church.
It has been exhaustively analysed and rehashed in a way no other single sex abuse case in Ireland has been dealt with.
Yet this is the first time any aspect of the Brendan Smythe case has been used as propaganda against Cardinal Sean Brady.
Why on earth has it happened now?
Such a new take on an old sex abuse case can only have happened this week for one reason.
It can only have been featured across so many media outlets simultaneously for one reason.
It can only have emerged at this particular moment for one reason.
It is the vengeance of the little yellow god.
It is the curse of the little porcine prince.
It is the wrath of Archbishop Diarmuid Martin.
The public slandering of Cardinal Sean Brady is nothing more and nothing less than a spitefully vindictive punishment meted out by a pseudo progressive liberal megalomaniac and his media allies in a fit of schoolboy outrage that any would dare thwart them in their delusional pursuit of total power.
It is a punishment dispensed with psychotic saturnine satisfaction by Archbishop Diarmuid Martin on account of what Archbishop Diarmuid Martin regards as a betrayal, not of child abuse victims, but of Archbishop Diarmuid Martin himself, when Cardinal Sean Brady refused to back him before the Pope in Rome.
That is the only reason we are seeing the current attempts to ruin Cardinal Sean Brady.
What is playing out before our eyes is the deceitful revenge of a petty thwarted provincial Machiavelli, none other than Archbishop Diarmuid Martin, against a true Collossus of the Catholic Church, the popular, unassuming, selflessly dedicated Cardinal Sean Brady.
Cardinal Sean Brady is a noble and dignified lover of humanity.
Cardinal Sean Brady is a servant and benefactor of the entire Irish nation.
Cardinal Sean Brady is a hero of Christ.
Archbishop Diarmuid Martin is a coward, a craven and a cur.


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