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Saturday, March 20, 2010

watching the defectives

When the contrived media storm against Cardinal Sean Brady was at its height this week, the cover of the Daily Mail carried a picture of three girls who had been raped by a child abuser.
The banner headline above the three girls read: "HE CANNOT HIDE NOW."
Below that, came yet another headline, this time highlighted in red ink to make it stand out, and containing a quotation from Archbishop Diarmuid Martin about Cardinal Sean Brady which said: "WE NEED TRUTH ON BRADY."
To anyone who glanced at the cover of the Daily Mail it appeared that the three cover headlines related to the same story.
This impression was contrived maliciously and with deliberate intent by the Daily Mail.
The intention was to convince those who glanced at the cover that the three girls had said there is no place to hide for Cardinal Sean Brady.
No further information was given on the cover of the Daily Mail except page reference numbers where you could find more information inside the newspaper.
Of course most people who saw that cover do not buy the Daily Mail.
Its readership figures are negligible.
But a great many people saw the cover as they went about their business in newsagents and supermarkets and garage shops all over Ireland.
A great many people believed as the Daily Mail intended them to believe that the three girls were challenging Cardinal Sean Brady.
The crassly false implication being deliberately created by the Daily Mail with the juxtaposition of the photograph of the girls and these headlines, was that the abuse of these girls was somehow linked to Cardinal Sean Brady.
The vilely dishonest agit prop style inuendo contained in this cover was intended to mislead the public into thinking that the three sex abuse victims had said there was no place for Cardinal Sean Brady to hide.
The Daily Mail cover amounted to a most grotesque falsehood.
For the three girls had been abused by their next door neighbour and not by anyone with even the remotest connection to the Catholic Church or to Cardinal Sean Brady.
No Catholic Church prelate or Bishop or Cardinal had been in any way a party to the girls attempts to get justice for themselves.
The case had no Catholic Church element whatsover.
The three girls had waived their anonymity only so that their abuser, a child rapist called Thomas Harman, would then be named in the media.
The Daily Mail named him on page eight, although Cardinal Brady's name was positioned close to the girls' picture on the cover.
What a vile lie the Daily Mail was telling.
The three girls had never intended any statement by them to refer to any member of the Catholic Church or to Cardinal Sean Brady.
The abuse of these three girls was one of those sex abuse cases which normally the media ignores, ie one of the 99.99 percent of sex abuse cases that do not involve in any way any member or adherent of the Catholic Church.
This is what we are up against.
This whole campaign against the Catholic Church is being waged by an empire of lies.
The Daily Mail is only a small and very mediocre part of the armies of darkness.
A hind tit of Independent Newspapers, The Irish Times and the broadcaster RTE.
A sort of "me too" of satanism.
But their lies matter just as much as the lies being told by the other mendacious cheerleaders of this anti Catholic pogrom.
Later in the week a writer styling himself Doctor Mark Dooley was once more wheeled out to rehash his wearisome bleeding heart routine in the pages of the Daily Mail.
Mark Dooley is the Daily Mail's token Catholic.
He was hired as part of the Daily Mail's attempts to compete with the anti Catholic Independent Newspapers in Ireland.
Mark Dooley's column last week was the usual bland assortment of fake angst and insincere posturing.
Mark Dooley claimed to believe in the real presence of the Messiah in the Eucharist.
Mark Dooley claimed to love the Catholic Church.
And Mark Dooley endorsed every anti Catholic falsehood that the Daily Mail, the whoremasters of Independent Newspapers, the Bolshevicks of the Irish Times, and the pornographers of RTE, have been promulgating on the Irish nation for the past forty years with regard to sex abuse.
It is strange that Mark Dooley accepts money from the Daily Mail in return for his unreadable maunderings, considering that Mark Dooley pretends he is Catholic, and the Daily Mail unstintingly militates in its columns for euthanasia, abortion, contraceptive culture, life in test tubes culture, and the all the other dessicating atheistic pornographies of this age of Lucifer.
I wonder did Beobachter Zeitung, the Nazi newspaper run by Goebbels have a few token Catholic contributors too.
I appeal to Mark Von Dooley to look at the cover of the Daily Mail for Wednesday 17th March 2010 and to consider the malign falsehood the Daily Mail was attempting to propagate against Cardinal Sean Brady.
If Mark Dooley is still writing for the Daily Mail next week, Mark Dooley is no Catholic.
Nor is he a Christian.
Nor does the truth have any home in him.
He is a nothing.
Worse than nothing.
He is an acolyte of murderers.
He is on the side of the murderers of truth in an age when the one true church is being persecuted.
He is an idolator.
He has sold his ancient birthright for a few thousand quid and a weekly ego trip in an abysmal newspaper.
I gotta tell ya.
Whatever they're paying you Dooley, it's not worth your immortal soul.


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