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Wednesday, April 07, 2010

archy in the bunker

Archbishop Diarmuid Martin spent the Easter period jockeying for power within the Catholic Church in Ireland.
As a growing number of you are aware, I have asserted that Archbishop Diarmuid Martin is a liberal leftist infiltrator seeking to remake the church in his own image.
His power grab is of interest because it represents the first time in modern history that anti Catholic media groups and their hidden controllers among the pseudo elites of Irish society, have actually had such a highly placed mole within the Catholic Church itself.
In the past they've had to attack from the outside.
The best they could do when it came to opening a second front inside the church, was to rely on the bitter resentful sneers of low level media priests like Father Pat Buckley writing for the News Of The World, or the Reverend Brian Darcy in the Sunday World, or Joe Something or Other, the buckshee marxist Padre that worked for RTE.
Now with Archbishop Diarmuid Martin actively undermining the church from within, limitless victories are opening up for the atheistic media.
For the first time in history their dream of controlling the Catholic Church, subsuming it, making it subservient to their own malign visions, for the first time in history this dark destruction of our faith, this abomination of desolation, is genuinely up for grabs.
Archbishop Diarmuid Martin is the key.
That is my analysis.
Since my view on these matters has become more widely known, Archbishop Diarmuid Martin and his allies have had to manoeuvre to counter it.
Hence their busy Easter.
The strategy adopted by Archbishop Diarmuid Martin over the past week has been to present himself as a defender of the Church.
His previous media manipulations are now supposed to stem only from a heartfelt desire to reform the Church.
When Rowan Atkinson an Anglican church leader criticised the Irish Catholic Church on Friday, it was Archbishop Diarmuid Martin who leapt to rebuke him.
We shouldn't have been surprised.
I would counsel the faithful not to be fooled by Archbishop Diarmuid Martin's posturing on this or any other matter.
Playing the anti British card.
Not that clever.
And somewhat lacking in class.
No, don't be surprised.
I would suggest Archbishop Diarmuid Martin was simply laying a false trail in his robust response to the Anglican Blackadder.
Archbishop Diarmuid Martin was in fact using Lord Blackadder's ill considered remarks to allow Archbishop Diarmuid Martin himself to pose as a defender of the very Catholic Church he, Archbishop Diarmuid Martin, has spent a life time struggling to undermine.
Of course the liberal infiltrators of the Catholic Church want to retain some of the faithful as they usurp power.
Of course they do.
They don't want us all to leave.
It might get lonely for them.
So they think they're going to distract us by waging a war of words with an uppity Anglican druid.
I'm not joking about Rowan Atkinson being a druid by the way.
He really is.
The Anglicans could do worse than looking into that.
Might explain why he's trying to prevent the two communions becoming one.
But I digress.
Yeah, just occasionally Archbishop Diarmuid Martin and his allies must pretend to stand up for the truth.
Do not be convinced by them.
Archbishop Diarmuid Martin's response to the Anglican Bladder was a gambit.
It was also thoroughly inappropriate.
Because Archbishop Diarmuid Martin, contrary to the impression you get from The Anti Catholic Irish Times or The Anti Catholic Irish Independent or The Anti Catholic RTE, doesn't actually have any authority at all to speak for the Catholic Church in Ireland.
None whatsoever.
The only man who has such authority is Cardinal Sean Brady.
Remember him?
The quiet self effacing honorable hero of the faith whom Archbishop Diarmuid Martin has been seeking to destroy.
That's the one.
Cardinal Sean Brady is head of the Catholic Church in Ireland.
Not only that.
Cardinal Sean Brady is head of the Catholic Church in our hearts.
Contrary again to what you may hear from The Atheistic 100 million dollar a year loss making Irish Times or The Hedonistic 1.5 billion dollars in debt Irish Independent or The Anachronistic viewerless Stalinist television station RTE, Cardinal Sean Brady has a true mandate to speak for us.
That is why they are trying to ruin him.
Yes, the same Cardinal Sean Brady that Archbishop Diarmuid Martin and his media allies have been so heartily trying to destroy for the past month, this Cardinal Brady is the only one entitled to speak on behalf of Irish Catholics in answering Rowan Atkinson's importunate remarks.
Cardinal Brady didn't rebuke Rowan Atkinson, because Cardinal Brady is a class act down the line.
Be aware of this.
Archbishop Diarmuid Martin's pretence at rebuking the Anglican leader was a calculated and malign attempt to present himself as the leader of the Catholic Church in Ireland when in fact Archbishop Diarmuid Martin is merely an increasingly discredited liberal atheistic Bishop of Dublin.
Such an Easter this has been.
There was more to come.
Having posed as the great smiter of Anglicans, Archbishop Diarmuid Martin's handlers now sought to convince the faithful that Archbishop Diarmuid Martin had never in fact attempted to usurp power within the Catholic Church by colluding with the media in labelling Bishops concealers of child abuse.
A stunt was staged.
Supposed sex abuse victims launched a protest at a church service being conducted by Archbishop Diarmuid Martin.
The supposed victims were disruptive.
It was all for the cameras.
You know what I think.
You know I think it was a double bluff.
Those people were there because Archbishop Diarmuid Martin wanted them there.
Archbishop Diarmuid Martin wanted to be seen taking some criticism from supposed sex abuse victims having previously been seen by all the faithful using the criticism of supposed sex abuse victims to ruin those he deemed his rivals within the Catholic Church.
There was no other reason for the protests on Easter Sunday.
In any case the supposed sex abuse victims disrupting Archbishop Diarmuid Martin's church service represent the thin end of a wedge of terror which Archbishop Diarmuid Martin and his media allies have cultivated and contrived.
Even they will be ultimately unable to control it.
But it is interesting to see that Archbishop Diarmuid Martin's strategy over Easter has changed.
It is instructive to note his most recent poses for the cameras as a defender of the faith against evil British sitcom Anglicans, and as a prelate who has himself faced down sex abuse inspired disruptions to his church services.
This change of strategy should not surprise you.
Archbishop Diarmuid Martin is a street fighter.
The son of radical northern Ireland parents.
The brother of Seamus Martin the atheistic pro Soviet former political editor of The Irish Times.
He has spent a lifetime grubbing his way to the top of the pile.
A lifetime pretending to believe in God.
A lifetime keeping his head down pretending to be a good little Bishop, while Pope John Paul The Great led the Catholic Church through the maelstrom of Islamist assassinations, communist infiltrations, liberal usurpations, satanic marxisms, and all the dark panoplays of perverted bedlam, which have assailed it.
A lifetime living a lie.
Just like the recently exposed Soviet infiltrator who almost became head of the Catholic Church in Poland.
That one got close.
But Archbishop Diarmuid Martin is closer still.
Now his cover is blown.
It's either total victory.
Or total failure.
One thing is sure.
There's no going back in him.
After thirty years as part of an essentially atheistic liberal leftist cadre in the Vatican diplomatic corps, there is nothing any of us could teach him about the sabotage of careers, or the manipulation of the media, or the utility of lies in pursuit of power.
Archbishop Diarmuid Martin does not give up.
No sooner does the Pope reject his attempts to malignly incriminate a generation of Irish Bishops, than he returns to Ireland, and lo, suddenly Sean Brady the Cardinal of all Ireland is being incriminated along with the Pope himself, and, as a pure red herring, Bishops in Portugal, and clerics in Malta.
No sooner do I reveal the extent of his collusion with the media in these manipulations against his fellow Bishops, Cardinal Brady, and the Pope, than he contrives to pose as both a victim and a devoted church leader in that self same media.
All his contrivancies are malign.
But his most egregious contrivancy over the Easter period seemed to come nearly as an afterthought.
In the tail of atheistic journalist Patsy McGarry's manipulative account in The Irish Times of the protests at Archbiship Diarmuid Martin's Easter church service, Archbishop Diarmuid Martin was quoted as having told a supposed sex abuse victim that former Cardinal Desmond Connell was currently being investigated by the police for the possible witholding of information about old sex abuse cases.
That is how they let us know they're going to destroy retired 86 year old Cardinal Desmond Connell too.
This statement by Archbishop Diarmuid Martin, tucked away at the end of an agitprop anti Catholic Patsy McGarry article, represented the opening of another new front in the culture war against the Catholic Church.
Retired Cardinal Desmond Connell is a new target.
The attempted imposition of criminal charges against him is a new strategy.
But it was always going to be the endgame.
For a persecution to work, it would never have been enough to just murder reputations.
So now we know.
Archbishop Diarmuid Martin and his media allies intend to bag the retired Cardinal Desmond Connell as well as the current Cardinal Sean Brady.
And if they can bag those, they can bag anyone.
That's their rationale.
Here is the news.
Archbishop Diarmuid Martin is not a Catholic Archbishop.
He is something else.
Archbishop Diarmuid Martin is a liberal leftist infiltrator seeking to usurp power within the Catholic Church.
Nothing more.
Nothing less.
Archbishop Diarmuid Martin has colluded with atheistic media groups, namely Independent Newspapers, The Irish Times, RTE, and others to bring about the destruction of the Catholic Church in Ireland through the retrospective ascription of guilt upon a generation of Bishops who attempted to handle sex abuse cases with discretion and are now being falsely labelled concealers and enablers of that abuse.
The label of concealers of abuse which is falsely applied to the Bishops, is not being applied to anyone else.
Not even to those who manifestly handled sex abuse cases in a less open, less professional and immeasurably less compassionate way than the Bishops who are currently being falsely accused.
There is no media or Judicial or political criticism of the social workers, Health Board officials, Judge Liberals, police officers, sports club administrators, school principals, and others who presided over the 99.99 percent of sex abuse cases which do not involve the Catholic Church.
Their victims are treated by the media as being of no importance.
Because those 999 victims out of every thousand are no use to the media in the media's kulturkampf with the Catholic Church.
Those 999 sex abuse victims out of every thousand are of no use to liberal lawyers and liberal judges in getting their hands on Catholic Church funds and assets because those 999 sex abuse victims weren't abused by anyone with a link to the Catholic Church.
It's most unfortunate.
At least it is for the real sex abuse victims.
Now let us recap.
In the past year, Archbishop Diarmuid Martin has sought to force a generation of Bishops to accept guilt for crimes they never committed.
Using the tainted and contrived report into the church's handling of sex abuse by feminist Judge Yvonne Murphy, Archbishop Diarmuid Martin has sought to remove the Bishops' right to defend themselves.
Archbishop Diarmuid Martin has sought to turn Yvonne Murphy's blase faux legalistic subjective opinions into sentences of death for a generation of churchmen who have already sacrificed their lives for the people of Ireland and the world.
Archbishop Diarmuid Martin has sought to force Bishops to accept without question and without reply, Yvonne Murphy's retrospective ascription of limitless guilt to them.
Archbishop Diarmuid Martin has disgracefully sought to label a generation of Bishops who handled sex abuse allegations discreetly, as concealers of sex abuse.
Archbishop Diarmuid Martin has sought to bring about the downfall of Cardinal Sean Brady simply because Cardinal Sean Brady refused to support Archbishop Diarmuid Martin in his attempts to destroy a generation of Bishops at a meeting with the Pope.
Archbishop Diarmuid Martin has sought to ruin Cardinal Sean Brady because with Cardinal Sean Brady out of the way, Archbishop Diarmuid Martin may by default become the head of the Catholic Church in Ireland.
Archbishop Diarmuid Martin has sought to head off growing concerns about his own alliance with Independent Newspapers and other atheistic media groups, by rebuking an Anglican leader whom he had no place rebuking, and by posing as a victim during the staged disruption of one of his church services during Easter.
Archbishop Diarmuid Martin has sought to prepare the public for the general criminalisation of churchmen by telling a supposed sex abuse victim that retired Cardinal Desmond Connell was being investigated by the police for the possible witholding of information about sex abuse cases.
Archbishop Diarmuid Martin has continued to dissimulate about his attempts to force Bishops from office, most recently on Marian Finnucane's radio programme where his repeated denial of earlier statements he had himself made calling for Bishops to resign, showed him to be a liar as well as a thug.


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