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Saturday, April 03, 2010

archbishop diarmuid martin's infernal machine

Standing in the little room which leads onto the altar in Kilcullen Church.
It is the room referred to by Catholics as a sacristy.
The priest and altar servers enter the church from here.
There are signs scattered around the room relating to child abuse.
A total of three signs.
I can't help thinking.
It's a bit like overkill.
Propaganda overkill.
In a room where no child abuse has ever been committed.
In a church where no priest or nun has ever committed child abuse.
Three notices whose net effect is to make anyone reading them suspect that the priest or nun to their left is about to grab a hoult of their buttocks.
The net effect is to incriminate the best amongst us, those who are self sacrificing, innocent and blameless.
The net effect is calculated.
The net effect is deliberate.
Archbishop Diarmuid Martin has been sending these little notices to priests in the region, suggesting that they should display them.
And here they are.
One framed notice in Kilcullen Church is a prayer for forgiveness for the sin of child abuse.
Archbish Diarmuid Martin has said we all need to atone for child abuse.
He is wrong.
The only ones who need to atone for child abuse are those who've committed child abuse, and those in the media who have attempted to focus on a tiny minority of child abuse cases involving priests for the purpose of destroying the Catholic Church, and those ambitious power hungry manipulators within the Catholic Church including the liberal leftist pseudo progressive Archbishop Diarmuid Martin who have sought to use child abuse cases to weaken the Catholic Church so that they themselves might usurp power within the Catholic Church thereby remaking the Catholic Church in their own image.

Yeah, I'm talking about you Archy.
A second framed notice, mounted on a tripod is a prayer which Archbishop Diarmuid Martin pretends was sent to him by a child abuse victim.
You can believe that if you wish.
The third framed notice is set in sealed glass and screwed to the wall.
It contains a list of emergency telephone numbers for sex abuse victims to phone in the case of, er, an emergency.
Police, Medical people, Social Workers etc etc.
All the phone numbers a sex abuse victim could ever need.

Displayed here in the sacristy.
There you have it.
Three notices in the little room where the altar servers and the priest prepare for mass.
It's a bit rich.
At the behest of Archbishop Diarmuid Martin, priests across the region are being compelled to display such inculpatory material, that is to say material which would imply to any child reading it that they cannot trust their priests, nuns or church.
Now here's the thing.
The vast preponderance of child abuse cases occur in the community at the hands of non Christians.
Yet such notices are not being left for children at locations where they are infinitely more likely to be abused than in church.
No such notice is being displayed in the schools where thousands of children have been abused for decades and where abuse levels, drug taking, rapes, suicides and murders, are currently through the roof.
No such notice has been displayed in the Educate Together School in North Kildare where seven children committed suicide last year, indeed the case which dwarfs any scandal in the Catholic Church over the past 150 years, has barely been reported.
No such notice has been displayed in the swimming clubs and boxing clubs where children have been abused.
No such notice has been displayed in Drogheda Hospital where Doctor Michael Shine was abusing little boys with impunity for years and where Doctor Michael Neary spent decades violating women on the operating table for his own entertainment, removing the wombs of at least 160 women when there was no medical necessity to do so. Question. Do any of you really think Neary drew the line at removing wombs and didn't figure he owed it to himself to kill a few.
No such notice has been displayed in Saint Luke's hospital Kilkenny where a nurse who tortured a pregnant mother resulting in her child being born handicapped for life, has been able to keep her job with the help of her trade union and where pregant women need to just cross their fingers and hope the bitch isn't in torturing form today.
There is no such notice in Naas hospital where Nurse Mulholland was murdering people on the wards.
There is no such notice in Garda police stations where people have been dying mysteriously in the holding cells and suffering the most egregious police assaults at a rate unprecedented in the history of the State.
There are no such notices anywhere else.
Anywhere else other than in Catholic Churches.
The standard being applied to the Catholic Church by the atheistic media and its infiltrator ally within the Catholic Church Archbishop Diarmuid Martin, is an arbitrary one.
Arbitrary, false and utterly malign.
I say it again.
This is a persecution.
The only honorable course is to fight it.


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