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Sunday, April 25, 2010

a last appeal to the state sector employees of the republic of ireland

Hello nursies, teachers, corrupt cops, soldiers, and uncivil servants.
You will be watching with interest the unrest in Greece.
Greece like Ireland has an advantaged State sector.
That is to say it has a bunch of people like you who are guaranteed jobs for life, who have extorted silly money pay rises from successively weak pseudo governments of left and right, and who have been vouchsafed ridiculous pensions in their retirement.
Like the French.
Like the Germans.
Like the Italians.
All rich countries laid low by excessive trade union power and a debauched entitlement culture.
The European Union is a union of basket case bankrupt socialist countries and is not going to be able to postpone the day of reckoning with accountancy tricks forever.
These bankrupt Greeks and Frogs and Krauts and Eye Ties, are most like you Paddy Whack Irish thieves in that they are determined someone else should pay for their collapsing economies.
Now I'm going to say it simply.
Ireland is about to have a currency collapse.
We might just weather it if people like you volunteer to take massive pay cuts.
End your thievery.
Don't excuse your extortions by saying you do it for your kids.
Your kids aren't gonna live to use any of the money you've stolen if the country is awash in blood.
And the money itself is evaporating as fast as you steal it.
End this.
End the power you have vested in communist trade unions.
End your sponsorship of irreligious media scum.
End the people trafficking by crime gangs of Muslims into Ireland.
End it all.
Reform, repent, beg for forgiveness.
And hang your heads in shame.
You are the generation who sold Ireland, permitted Fianna Fail to spend us into the Third World, fostered lunatic levels of sex abuse, allowed drug dealers to open shops in every town in the country, murdered the unborn, stood aside while crime gangs took over Limerick, Cork, and Dublin, condomised private morality, debased the culture to a level of depravity that would shame the Visigoths, and did it all, did it all I say, while cheering on the crass charlatans of Independent Newspapers, The Irish Times, The Daily Mail and RTE in their maniacal pogroms against the ancient, beautiful and true Catholic faith.


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