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Friday, April 23, 2010

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From: Divya
To: James
Sent: Thursday, April 22, 2010 5:20 AM
Subject: Re: from Ireland

this is where we differ.
I believe all the books have hints of divine beauty
but finally they are just books.
and in this matter the Bible no better than the Quran or the Geeta.

The geeta has been far from power struggles..
the indian cast system is not in the geeta, not in the scriptures about god.
all social information is in the writings about man.
but the bible is a highly politicised book..
which spends less time on God.
all the beauty of the world is in the first few chapters of the genesis.
the rest talks about civilisation.
and every king has made his version of the bible..
power and religion has gone hand in hand in christianity and that
has greatly influenced the religion.

all religions are problematic because
all religions move us from our natural state of being.
that of a child.
God never meant to create love and life and trees
and then send us into abstenance.
this life is for honest celebration.
celebration of beauty and nature..
not a garden for man to abuse..

this life is to celebrate everything..
even pain and anger and transform it into what God created.. life.
God is not someone sitting up in the clouds punishing us for what we do wrong.
God is not sitting up there looking at us guilty humans.
neither has he created the world and then moved away from it.
the keys im pressing to send these words to you, is also God.
everything that is.. is God.
then why say jesus is better God than Allah than Ram.
doesn't matter at all to me.
I dont care who is my God.
God is.
everything is.

why is it important that the Galieleo must die for revealing the truth about the sun and the earth.
personally there is no clash between the statements.
The Bible is not a factual book. The bible talks about the creation of life symbolically..
and if one man spends his entire life researching the revolution of the planets and this goes against the bible to me, there is no clash.
The bible stands in its place.
I tell you where the problem is. When something in the bible is not true, the book loses its impact and is fallible and the religion can crash.
The Pope is not saying the book is written in language for the feelings, the book is not meant to compete with science. The book isn't god sent. God doesn't communicate in words.
God is in nature. God didn't create language. God didn't make clothes, God didn't make shame and rape. A child is born like God wants it to be. Naked and free, learning curiously and a child doesn't take more than he needs.. greed and guilt is the sin that is born out of civilisation.. out of repressing what one truly wants. unfortunately we are not natural people, and what we truly want is potentially dangerous.

To believe one is connected to God in a special way is the biggest form of ego one can have.
The truth is everyone is connected to God and whether they want to and how they want to exercise this connection is deeply personal. I don't think anybody else can tell me how I should fold my hands and what words I should use to address him. If I am unequiped to worship God, that is the first untrue statement I have heard.
I come from no sin and I go to no sin.
I come from God and I go to God.
the life I lead in the middle is exploring who I am .. which is God.
there is nothing else in the world but God.
nothing else is capable of existence.



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