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Sunday, April 25, 2010

letters to a young hindu

----- Original Message -----
From: Divya
To: James
Sent: Friday, April 23, 2010 12:28 PM
Subject: Re: the wonder of you

I see no falsehood in jesus.
but everything around him is very much full of power games and trouble.
i see no need to fear and hence i fear no satanic concept.
hence, i dont look to a good or prophet for protection from the evils that may exist in the world.
god is existence for me and god is consciousness.
and i repeat god is a celebration for this miracle that is our planet and our life.
god is beyond an identity and which is why it is difficult for me to say jesus is the only true god, or only god or anything.
im not saying jesus is not god.. but everything is.
why is it so important to accept what is in the bible or around as the only truth?
why is it that beliefs are right or wrong and not personal?
the sun and the moon and the earth are not christian or hindu or whatever so why do we have to be?
and these are the creators of strong influences over our lives.

all i know is i wouldn't limit god to something. and exclude something from god.. because this is what comes very naturally to me. i think what is most natural is most closest to god.
like a leaf, like a flower. man has moved furtherest and tried to convince himself that he is the closest because he is "more conscious".
these are merely reflections of the ego.

this is not a discussion about atheists nor about different religions. i'm talking about all beliefs that make us powerless, and following that try to make us superior.
progress and civilsation, power and religion need to be reconsidered.

god is in the small things.
god is personal.
im not waiting for jesus to show up.
he is right here in me.

i have no real words to explain further.. neither am i interested in discussing god in words.. or arguing about him/her/it/everything intellectually.
the mind is a minute part of our body that has gained supremacy over the rest of us, just like the power and finances and decision making of the world int he hands of the few.
i now understand why a completely natural life and a life away from massaging the grey matter of the mind is almost impossible, because religion art, celebration and even communication experience have become extremely mindful- mindless. in all of this the heart is lost.
the heart doesn't reason, the heart feels. and if one wants to know god.. one can't reason him out.. one can't find him in words. one can't understand him.. once feels him, one experiences him. because one is him. this life is a matrix and within this matrix we have symbols for god, we have words for him and jesus christ, allah and ram are these indirect ways of reaching him.
the way to god is with eyes closed. inside oneself, through oneself, through what is most natural and what is closest to god, and away from civilisation and the man-made world.
but god is everywhere and surely you can reach him through music, through prayer, through chanting, through physical mortification, through abstenance, through sacrifice, through religion.
but you can also reach him ways that respect your body, your mind, respect nature, respect your natural desires and instincts.
you also reach him through love.



From: James
To: Divya

You took my best shot.
That was it.
I can't write any better.
I can't debate any better.
I can't testify to the truth any better.
You have seen my soul.


Blogger Chamki said...

wow this shocks even me. i dont really recall thinking this aloud.
but im glad its here.

4:17 AM  

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