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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

the monica leech vomit in

The High Court in the Republic of Ireland has just awarded 300,000 Euros to a married couple who were sold a defective house.
The house fell apart after they bought it.
The developers who sold them the house knew the couple would win their case but insisted on dragging proceedings through the courts in order to make it unprofitable for them and to discourage other potential litigants.
The married couple will have to pay 200,000 Euros in legal fees leaving them with barely a hundred grand to make up for their lost house and ten wasted years.
Now cast your minds on another famous recent Irish legal ruling.
In the Monica Leech case, a libel jury awarded Monica Leech 1.87 million Euros merely because she said she was hurt by Independent Newspapers attempts to report the circumstances in which a Fianna Fail government Minister paid her a small fortune from public funds to design websites no one ever visited.
She insisted Independent Newspapers reportage of the transaction implied she'd been having some sort of sexual liaison with the Minister.
This case in which Independent Newspapers ended up being ordered to pay 1.87 million dollars to Monica Leech, was presided over by Judge Eamon DeValera, a descendent of the founder of Fianna Fail who was also called Eamon DeValera.
We should note that Fianna Fail is more often to be found stuffing the coffers of Independent Newspapers with tax payers money in the form of State Sector advertising rather than going toe to toe with the morally bereft anti Catholic bstaads.
So the case represented an unusual falling out among corrupt kleptocratic behemoths.
It was odd for me to find myself decrying a case where Independent Newspapers came a cropper.
But personally I could not justify fining any newspaper group, even one run by satan, 1.87 million smackeroos for the crime of stating the bleeding obvious.
Does anyone else think that the situation prevailing in the courtrooms of Ireland, whereby Monica Leech can be awarded 1.87 million bucks for nothing, while an utterly blameless married couple get screwed over by Fianna Fail supporting property developers who sold them a botched house, is so rank with injustice as to beg for revolution?


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