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Saturday, October 02, 2010

youngish doctors in trouble

My brother Doctor Barn and two of his friends, Doctor Gommie Farrell from Longford and Doctor David Bennett the Registrar at Kerry General Hospital, went to England last weekend.
Their destination was the dulcet city of Bermingham where a philanthropic organisation styling itself Sky Sports was hosting a boxing tournament.
After a busy few weeks of saving lives, the Irish doctors wanted nothing more in a holiday than to relax watching grown men trying to beat each other to a pulp.
As they made their way along the aisles of the Bermingham Arena, Doctor Bennet the Kerry doctor let out a cry.
"There's someone in my seat," he proclaimed, pushing his way ahead.
Arriving at the seat in question Doctor Bennet cleared his throat.
"I'm sorry, Sir," he said peremptorily, "But you appear to be in my seat."
The man in the seat shook his head.
"No mate," he said. "This is my seat."
The Kerryman saw red.
"Now listen," he said drawing himself up to his full five feet five inches of doctorly height. "I have my ticket right here and this is definitely my seat."
Somewhere due west of this discussion the other two doctors had paused in the aisle.
Doctor Gommie Farrell turned to my brother.
"This is about to get interesting," he mused.
"Why?" enquired Doctor Barn.
Doctor Gommie Farrell drew a deep breath.
"Because firstly that is not Bennet's seat," he explained. "And secondly the guy he's talking to is David Hay the WBO World Heavyweight Boxing Champion."


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