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Friday, October 22, 2010


my mother is a young girl again
standing at the edge of a field
near Berney's Inch
ready to leave
across the field
invisibly we stand
together and each alone
waiting for her to see us
her husband her daughters
her sons
we raise our hands
to catch her sight
but she cannot see us
she is too young for us yet
she sees only the sky
and the green fields beneath
the way young eyes do
and she looks at the road
leading away
towards us
and feels on her skin
the clear breath of sunlight
she is made for the world
in her own way
she is life about to make life
she is youth about to blossom
out of a particular destiny
into her own triumph
she is herself
but she is all of our past
and all of our future too
she is looking and waiting
as we wait
for everything to come true
(This is David Whyte's famous poem about his mother. It speaks to me about my own mother and so I have reprinted it. I have altered certain parts to fit our situation. My mother had one birth daughter, Marie. The several daughters referred to in the poem are Marie and then Fiona and Jackie who married my brothers, and Frances and Annie, two nieces who became daughters to my mother.)


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