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Thursday, October 06, 2011

the knox family devil worshippers

So Curt Knox and his coterie of devil worshipping allies derailed justice and got satanic murderess Amanda Knox out of jail.
They must all be congratulating themselves.
They think they've gotten away with murder.
I am reminded of OJ Simpson.
In as much as one may humanly judge these things, OJ bears less guilt for his murders than Amanda Knox does for hers.
OJ murdered only through jealousy and because he was a drugged up steroidal galoot.
Amanda Knox slaughtered an innocent girl because Amanda Knox thinks the devil is giving Amanda Knox some sort of fulfilment when Amanda Knox gets an itch in the groin from slaughtering innocent children.
And her father Curt Knox got her outta jail.
Cos Curt Knox thinks his daughter should be able to butcher people at will and still walk the streets.
I wonder how well the other children are sleeping in the Knox family homestead these cold winter evenings.
Are they ever troubled by conscience?
Do they ever shiver at the thought: What if Amanda comes for me?
But her satanistic parents and hangers on are laughing.
They must think they're home free.
I ask you to again remember OJ.
And his entourage.
It hasn't exactly gone swimmingly for them since they got away with murder.
OJ's lawyer Johnny Cochrane turned truth on its head, in between brokering secret deals between the late Michael Jackson and some parents who had prostituted their children to Michael Jackson, in between this sort of vileness, Johnny Cochrane got OJ a get out of jail free card for slaughter.
And then Johnny Cochrane died.
Almost straight away.
Almost straight away he went to meet his maker.
I wonder was he wailing "If it doesn't fit you must acquit," as he was thrown into the seventh ring of hell.
OJ is still alive.
If you could call it life.
He has spent the intervening decade wandering around America, a shambolic figure, a known slaughterer, a nothing, putting in his time waiting to face the judge Johnny Cochrane has already faced.
And Curt Knox thinks this is all icecream.
Curt Knox got Daddy's little satanist out of jail.
And he thinks she's free.
But Amanda Knox is not free.
She will never thank him for what he has done for her.
For Curt Knox did the satanic slaughterer Amanda Knox no favours by sabotaging justice and helping her get away with murder.
In jail, Amanda Knox might just have repented of her bestial evil.
She might have defied the devil and told the truth about her savage murder of a beautiful innocent girl called Meredith Kercher.
The satanist murderess Amanda Knox might have saved her own immortal soul.
But now?
Now Amanda Knox thinks bestial evil is a profitable enterprise.
She's about to go on Oprah.
There'll be a book deal.
A film.
Her repentence becomes far less likely.
She thinks butchering innocent girls is the way to go.
She thinks she's beaten the rap.
Curt Knox got her of jail.
Curt Knox got her earthly prison sentence of twenty years anulled.
But in so doing he may have sentenced her to hell.
For all eternity.


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