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Monday, November 28, 2011

archie redivivus

Archbishop Diarmuid Martin has called for resignations at Ireland's national broadcaster RTE over RTE's attempt to ruin a priest by broadcasting false allegations about him, to wit that the priest had raped a child and fathered a child with the child he raped.
Archie belatedly wants to be linked with those speaking out for the wrongly accused priest.
Archie says that for gross wrongdoing like that perpetrated by RTE a Bishop would be expected to resign.
Well, duhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.
Archie's attempts to associate himself with the public outrage towards RTE are fooling no one.
He's arriving a little late at this party.
And as for the current expectation he refers to, that Bishops and priests should resign when accused (often wrongly) of an egregious crime, and as for the purely contrived presumption of guilt under which religious people now are judged in each and every circumstance, and as for the new vastly unjust process of law whereby an unproven unverified accusation from an unidentified accuser is enough to force a priest from office, why Archie himself more than anyone else in our society has done the most to promulgate these injustices from within the Catholic Church.
You Archie.
You more than anyone else within the ancient Church have helped a dark alliance among Ireland's atheistic Media, Parliamentarians and Judiciary, foster their invidiously Stalinist presumption of guilt for priests and those Bishops whom the same Media and associated shadowy elements at the apex of our society wish to destroy.
Do you remember how you sought to compel an entire generation of Bishops to resign without the right to speak for themselves because you claimed you considered their attempts at handling sex abuse cases amounted to concealment?
Do you remember how you sought to appoint a generation of Bishops who would be created in your own craven image? (Graven image surely - Ed note.)
Do you remember Archie?
Will you ever forget?
I won't.


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