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Sunday, December 04, 2011

of mice and atheists

"You're being a bit judgemental about atheists," ventured Montgomery. "Do you mean to say you've never doubted the existence of God yourself?"
I shook my regal head.
"I'm not saying that at all," I replied warmly. "I've doubted the existence of God six times already this morning. Seven if you count right this moment. But you're missing something. In my more trenchant criticisms of atheists, I have judged no one. I have restricted myself to commenting on those who are surreptitiously pursuing a ruthless and malign atheistic political project. That is to say, I have only commented on those atheists who have unbeknownst to the Irish people pursued a crassly and vilely manipulative atheistic agenda and sought to impose it on the nation. I got tired of people saying to me: "Oh Michael D Higgins couldn't be an atheist," or "Ruairi Quinn surely he isn't an atheist," or "Mary Robinson isn't an atheist, how could she be, she's got such nice hair and comes from a nice rich family," or "Eamon Gilmore is such a nice man, he can't be a former bankrobber or an atheist" or "Alan Dukes," or "Garret Fitzgerald," or so on ad infinitum. The only reason people didn't know the political affiliations of these scoundrels was because our atheistic media hadn't troubled to make it an issue. Know this. I haven't criticised people who doubt the existence of God. I have criticised solely those communists and Nazis who have reinvented themselves as atheistic humanists, and who are projecting atheism into our institutions of State as well as into the public policy sphere. They are the ones seeking to criminalise the Catholic Church so that they can remove the liberating spirit of Catholicism and all the more readily enslave Ireland to their own vapid, vacuous, ideology of despair. And they have done all this mark you while concealing their ulterior motives from the people who elect them. The atheists I've criticised are specifically those lurking in the shadowy recesses of the upper echolons of Irish society. Those unelected manipulating power brokers hiding in the Civil Service, the Judiciary and elsewhere. The same scoundrels being cheerled by the media. The same ones who are attempting to enslave our country to their own visionless religion of death. With abortions for all, you might say. And you know what. I've noticed that an awful lot of what I'm saying about these scoundrels has been reproduced in the national media. Even though the media is itself anti Catholic and functionally atheistic and implicitly involved in the atheistic conspiracy against the Church, even so, it can't allow a lowly genius like me to be continually pointing out to the citizenry that there are atheistic Marxian Maoist elephants in our drawing rooms. And in our parliament and Judiciary and Civil Service and Police. Last week even the running dog atheist Daily Mail was calling Ruairi Quinn an atheist. As were the deeply spiritual whoremasters at Independent Newspapers. Hilarious no. I say it here. It comes out there. You gorra laugh."


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