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Thursday, December 01, 2011

sov staat irl

Coffee with Baines.
"But James," he says, "when all this is over the Catholic Church will have the best child protection procedures in the world."
"When this is over?" I exclaim incredulously. "But don't you see? This doesn't end. This doesn't end until the Church is gone. That's the game that's being played here. These people aren't reformers. They're usurpers. The people attacking the church from the shadows of the Civil Service, the Judiciary, and Parliament, the people using the Media to conduct their showtrials, these people don't care about sex abuse. It's only a tool for them. This is about power. While aping to care about sex abuse victims they deliberately ignore any victims who are of no use to them in their culture war against Christianity. They ignore the 99.99 percent of victims of the most serious abuse who are abused, tortured, debased and often murdered in the wider community, in the schools, hospitals, sports clubs, family homes, and health boards by non Catholic people, and at the same time they wantonly, despicably, mendaciously and maliciously insist that the worst cases of sex abuse occur in the Church. Their investigations into the Church are a massive fraud. They are a pretext. Those who despise the Church are seeking to remove it as a platform for public influence in the Republic of Ireland. Then there will be no one to oppose their own power brokerage. Oh at the moment, the media and the judges pretend that if we only surrendered a few ageing Bishops to them, then the Church would be left alone. I gotta tell you. No tyrant in history ever stopped a persecution because people gave in to him. With the Church gone, our democracy will be gone. This is a persecution. Mark my words. At the moment they're still by and large only murdering reputations. Soon the real murders will follow. And then more. And more. And more. Ireland will be a dictatorship. And no communist or atheist or leftist dictator has ever ruled without unleashing mass murder. This will be a Soviet Republic of Ireland as barbarous as anything Stalin ever dreamed. It's happening before our eyes. It's happening now."


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