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Saturday, January 07, 2012

the what if column

Corrupt Irish Prime Minister Enda Kenny has recently appointed a range of new government advisers to advise him on the handling of the Irish economy.
Enda Kenny is a vacant, vacuous, vapid, hairstyle of a man.
Although as leader of the Fine Gael political party he was clearly elected Prime Minister by the Irish people solely to repudiate the arrant criminal kleptocracy of the previous Fianna Fail government, his first action in office was to borrow ten thousand million dollars in order to purchase a worthless gangster bank styling itself AIB.
Interestingly enough government Minister Ruairi Quinn, a bald lifelong atheistic communist and Lenin impersonator, has a brother called Lochlainn who sits on the Board of AIB.
The wheel is rigged and it's the only game in town.
Enda Kenny is gambling that the Irish people, having repudiated Fianna Fail kleptocracy, will  never organise themselves in sufficient numbers to repudiate the worse kleptocracy perpetrated by Enda Kenny and his friends.
His newly appointed economic advisers, none of whom were elected, are all being paid funny money salaries well in excess of a hundred thousand dollars each.
What if...
What if just one of those advisers was an honest man?
What would his advice to Enda Kenny be?
He would advise:
"Stop paying advisers you don't need, hundred thousand dollars salaries they haven't earned. You don't have any money. The reason you don't have any money is that you are throwing it away paying people like me to tell you the bleedin obvious. You are borrowing the country into Third World penury just to bankroll the champagne lifestyles of a few plush bottomed executives and employees at a bank that no longer exists. You have hung around here too long for any good you have been doing. Get out. In the name of God, go."


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