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Saturday, February 25, 2012

archie and me

Archbishop Diarmuid Martin this week urged Irish people to forget their concerns about the Irish government's decision to close Ireland's embassy to the Vatican.
Archbishop Diarmuid Martin spoke mollifyingly about the government decision and claimed the embassy would probably be reopened eventually anyway.
Archbishop Diarmuid Martin's soothing elequence seemed expressly intended to calm public outrage about the newest and most egregious attempt by Ireland's anti Catholic Fine Gael Labour government to end Catholicism in Ireland.
Curious and curiouser.
What can his motivation have been?
His remarks were of course reported with a fanfare of approval in the most virulently anti Catholic newspapers in Western Europe, namely The Irish Times and the Irish Independent.
Is it possible that newspaper groups that have spent forty years attempting to criminalise Catholicism actually like the supposedly Catholic Archbishop of Dublin?
But why would they like him?
How could they like him?
Unless he was one of them.
Makes you think, dunnit!
By the way folks, for those of you who just got here, I disagree profoundly with Archbishop Diarmuid Martin's stated position on the closure of Ireland's embassy to the Vatican and just as profoundly with his stated positions on everything else.
I don't for a second believe he is what he says he is.
In any case, regardless of what anyone thinks of him, Archbishop Diarmuid Martin cannot be described by any stretch of the imagination as the leader of the Catholic Church in Ireland.
He is certainly not entitled to present himself as such in the pages of the anti Catholic press.
Here is the news.
Archbishop Diarmuid Martin is a regional Archbishop.
Nothing more.
The leader of the Catholic Church in Ireland is Cardinal Sean Brady.
Archbishop Diarmuid Martin has silenced Cardinal Sean Brady through a machiavellian campaign of malicious media sabotage directed against the Cardinal's reputation.
Archbishop Diarmuid Martin unleashed his anti Catholic media allies against Cardinal Sean Brady after a meeting with the Pope in Rome two years ago when Cardinal Brady refused to back Archbishop Diarmuid Martin's attempts to remove every Bishop in Ireland and replace them with his hand picked supporters.
Up to that point Archbishop Diarmuid Martin and Cardinal Sean Brady had appeared to be singing off the same hymn sheet.
But with the Pope chairing the meeting, Cardinal Sean Brady suddenly remembered himself and refused to take any further part in Archbishop Diarmuid Martin's power play.
This left Archbishop Diarmuid Martin isolated in his attempts to get every Bishop in Ireland fired.
Archie was not best pleased.
Immediately following the meeting with the Pope, media reports were circulated claiming that Cardinal Brady had concealed child abuse cases.
Similar reports were circulated in continental newspapers about the Pope no less.
Archie is a dangerous man when he's crossed.
Archbishop Diarmuid Martin for his part, having promised his fellow Bishops at the very Papal meeting which he himself had orchestrated but failed to manipulate, that he would now support those same fellow Bishops, immediately fled Rome, his abrupt departure being a considered insult both to the Pope and the aforementioned Bishops, and returned to Ireland to continue without any interruption whatsoever his media spin doctoring against those very Bishops to whom he had so recently and so falsely pledged his collegial loyalty.
You couldn't make it up.
His return to Ireland was followed by the storm of mendacious media criticism designed to destroy Cardinal Sean Brady.
These false reports successfully smashed Cardinal Brady as a leader of influence in Ireland.
They also fatally wounded his confidence.
The reports were based on a cruel and tendentious interpretation of the case of two victims.
As a young man the then Father Sean Brady had been clerk at a church hearing into the claims of the two victims.
As clerk at the hearing, Father Sean Brady supposedly swore the two victims to secrecy.
This is the sum total of wrong doing that Archbishop Diarmuid Martin's media allies have sought to lay at the door of the now Cardinal now silent Sean Brady.
I say it again.
This allegation was introduced into the public domain specifically to coincide with Cardinal Brady's return from Rome following Archbishop Diarmuid Martin's failed putsch against the Bishops of Ireland.
Twas the vengeance of the little yellow god.
Fast forward.
This week Archbishop Diarmuid Martin is telling Irish people to desist in our campaign against the closure of the Vatican embassy.
Well surprise surprise.
I do disagree with Archbishop Diarmuid Martin's unctious and presumptive advice to the Irish people re our ongoing attempts to let our government know that its invidious attacks upon our Church will not be allowed to continue unopposed.
When I say "invidious attacks," I am referring to the Fine Gael Labour Party government's attempts to intrude via legislation into the Confession Box; I am referring to the Fine Gael Labour Party government's attempt via atheistic Education Minister Ruairi Quinn to seize control of Catholic Secondary Schools. (Unsurprisingly Archbishop Diarmuid Martin has propagandised in favour of this putative government seizure of Catholic Schools.) I am referring to the Fine Gael Labour Party's grotesque unsubstantiated allegation in parliament when Prime Minister Enda Kenny, a weak vacuous vascillatory hairstyle of a Fine Gael man, easily overwhelmed by the Labour Party's more ruthless Marxian atheists, falsely claimed that the Vatican had obstructed child abuse enquiries in Ireland, and who when challenged to explain his lie, stated through a press release, that he hadn't been talking about any specific case. But it was a most specific and malicious lie that he had promoted in parliament look you. And only after excoriating our government over all these other invidious attacks on the Catholic Church gentle readers, only then, am I referring to the Fine Gael Labour Party government's latest invidious attack, its insulting, pompous, egregious and malign closure of the Vatican embassy.
It was the invidious attack that broke the camel's hump.
It awoke a sleeping giant.
For the first time in twenty years, Irish atheistic political pseudo elites are asking themselves if they must after all pay some heed to the Catholic peasantry they so cavalierly ride into the ground.
And what Archbishop Diarmuid Martin is saying to you all is this:
"Go back to sleeeeeeeeeeeeeep. Trust in meeeeeeeeeee. Trust in your government. Sleeeeeeep. I am your master. I am your Lorrrrd. You need no other leader but meeeeeeeeeee. Sleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep ye little slices of death. How I loathe youuuuuuuuu."
I ask you again gentle readers to consider seriously what I have said previously  about Archbishop Diarmuid Martin.
Archbishop Diarmuid Martin is a Soviet era infiltrator of the Catholic Church.
Archbishop Diarmuid Martin has lied time and time again about his attempts to force Bishops from office through the manipulation of reportage on sex abuse.
Archbishop Diarmuid Martin's own office exposed his lies regarding one particular Bishop whom he wished to hound from office, when a spokesman confirmed that contrary to what Archie had claimed to the media, the Archbishop had indeed received an offer in writing from that very Bishop to resign, had indeed read it, and had indeed ignored it.
Archbishop Diarmuid Martin has spent the past five years colluding with anti Catholic elements of Irish society in parliament, the judiciary and media, in an attempt to stampede a generation of Bishops out of office.
He has helped these shadowy figures in the media and judiciary contrive crimes against targeted Bishops maliciously alleging that these Bishops were concealing child abuse whenever they attempted to handle a child abuse case discreetly.
Archbishop Diarmuid Martin has broadened the notion of collective guilt even further.
It was not enough for him to see whole Orders of priests and nuns held collectively responsible in their old age if one of their number was accused of a sex abuse crime forty years ago, and then further reduced to penury by being forced to pay vast sums in compensation to supposed sex abuse victims and further vast sums to aggrandise the millionaire gutty lawyers of these same supposed victims.
This was not a broad enough perversion of law for Archie.
Bear in mind that he never once pointed out that the notion of collective guilt for priests and nuns was not being applied to other sectors of Irish society.
The Irish Times is paying no compensation to the children who were repeatedly raped by a Sports Writer at the Irish Times.
No notices have been put up in the foyer of the Irish Times warning the public that their children may be in danger from Irish Times employees and offering the phone numbers of the Police and Health Boards should a rape occur on the premises.
The name of the Irish Times child rapist has been kept out of the papers. There is no follow up reportage of his case. The courts and Judges have taken no action against him. And the police have abandoned their investigations claiming that every time they look into the case, the Irish Times child rapist in question attempts to kill himself.
We should note that the presence of many many many of the most serious and most violent child sex abusers within both the Police Force and the Health Boards themselves have not led to any mass media attacks, broad financial sanctions, silly little notices in the foyers, or ascribed collective guilt.
All these things are reserved for the Catholic Church.
Bear in mind that Archie never once mentioned the fact, until he read it on my blog, that the vast preponderance of sex abuse cases arise outside the Church at the hands of State employees, sports coaches, paedophile rings, school teachers and Irish Times feature writers.
I kid you not.
Archie remained silent about all of this while his media friends orchestrated a maelstromnic pogrom against the Catholic Church.
And Archie perverted the law further.
Oh he went well beyond the notion of collective guilt being manufactured for priests and nuns in spite of the fact that the vast majority of the most serious, violent and murderous sex abuse cases occurred at the hands of non Catholics who have been let off scot free.
Archie didn't care about any of that.
Archie went ahead and called on any Bishop who was mentioned in a government enquiry to resign.
Archie urged Bishops to resign who were mentioned by Judges in enquiries only to exonerate them.
In this Archbishop Diarmuid Martin finally showed his hand.
If it looks like a Soviet era infiltrator of the Church, quacks like a Soviet era infiltrator of the Church, ruins reputations like a Soviet era infiltrator of the Church, and colludes like a Soviet era infiltrator of the Church with the creeping Marxians of the Irish Times, Independent Newspapers and RTE, why then, call the Feds Ma Kettle... It's a Soviet era infiltrator of the Church.


Footnote: For those of you who like your crackpot theories served with a little circumstantial evidence, consider this. Archbishop Diarmuid Martin is a brother of the atheistic Marxist Seamus Martin. Seamus Martin was the famously pro Soviet political editor of the Irish Times who spent the Cold War rooting for the Russians before retiring to Paris to live in inexplicably palatial splendour. More recently Seamus Martin has begun contributing fresh articles to the Irish Times from retirement, articles whose broad thrust is that President Putin isn't such a bad fellow. The Phoenix Magazine has openly repeated my allegations that substantial elements within the Irish Times management and editorial departments were working for the KGB during the 1960's, 70's and 80's. The Phoenix Magazine went so far as to name an Irish Times journalist and feature writer (not Seamus Martin) whom it said had provided the KGB with a list of journalists to be rounded up when the Russians took over Ireland. Lovely lovely people. Closed the Vatican embassy don't ya know. And they want us all to calm down...


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