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Friday, April 06, 2012

an open letter to mary kenny feature writer with independent newspapers

A few years ago I won a bet with my brother Doctor Barn about your career and personal principles.
I bet him that you would resign from the Daily Express when porn baron Richard Desmond took over the company.
I said: "I don't hold Mary Kenny's writings in high regard. But there's something about her Christian conversion. It's like Peter Hitchens one. It has the quality of the genuine."
You did resign and I won the bet.
Hitchens resigned too as I remember.
Mary, why are you working for Tony O'Reilly's anti Catholic Independent Newspapers group?
Why are you allowing yourself to be used as a Token Catholic to give overall credibility and plausible deniability to the most invidiously anti Catholic newspaper group in Western Europe?
Why are you lending your gravumen, intellect, and reputation to help a Nazi newspaper group hide in plain sight?
Why, Mary?
James Healy

Footnote: Tony O'Reilly's anti Catholic Independent Newspapers group currently has a publishing deal with British porn baron Richard Desmond to produce the Daily Star.


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