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Monday, May 07, 2012

revenge of a man called archie

So Archbishop Diarmuid Martin's plan to hijack the Catholic Church in Ireland enters endgame.
This week Archie has called for an enquiry into an old paedophilia case.
The purpose of any such enquiry will be to contrive criminality for Cardinal Sean Brady who back in 1975 as a young priest, took notes at an interview of one of the paedophile's victims.
Archie's detestation of Cardinal Brady stems from Cardinal Brady's refusal to back Archie at a meeting with the Pope two years ago when Archie attempted to stampede Pope Benedict into firing a generation of Irish Bishops and replacing them with Archie's handpicked choices as successors.
After Cardinal Sean Brady broke ranks with Archie at the meeting with the Pope, Ireland's anti Catholic media groups almost immediately began accusing Cardinal Brady of having covered up the 1975 paedophilia case.
Smells like teen spirit to me.
As my old pal Chinese detective Charlie Chan always used to say: Please, please, cannot answer question now. Suicide and blackmail? Permit me say murder."
The murder of a man through the murder of a man's reputation.
My concern for Archie's immortal soul and for the souls of those helping him in his quest for ultimate power within the Catholic Church in Ireland has led me to speak trenchantly of them at times.
Not today.
Oh pale Archie.
How thou hast conquered.
As Archie's allies in Europe's most viciously anti Catholic media groups the Irish Times and Independent Newspapers continue to call for Cardinal Brady's resignation, my spirit is at peace.
I have spoken plainly.
I can do no more.
Everything they have done, they have done against my will and in spite of me.
The highest and the lowest of them, know it well.
The ironies proliferate.
Atheistic Marxian Patsy McGarry, who writes on religious affairs for the Irish Times, has been among the most vociferous calling for Cardinal Sean Brady's resignation.
Patsy McGarry remains silent about the case of the Irish Times sports writer whose rapes of children in the Dublin are not being written about or investigated by the police.
The excuse for not writing about or investigating the Irish Times in house child rapist, is that his family claims he tries to commit suicide every time anyone questions him about his rapes of children in the Dublin area.
There have also be rather nefarious suggestions from those in the media spindoctoring in subtle defence of the Irish Times child rapist, that the rapes he was committing were somehow "consensual."
Hilarious, no.
The child rapes committed by the Irish Times sports writer were occurring in Dublin last year.
Not in 1975.
Last year.
And this year, Patsy McGarry, is calling for the resignation of Cardinal Sean Brady.
Tell me folks.
Can you the evil of these people?
They don't really conceal it.
Although they label it ice cream.
It is in plain view.
Atheistic Marxians whose life's work was to enslave Ireland and the world to the Communist barbarism of Soviet Russia, and whose life's work has not ended with the Russians' admission that Communism is a crock, these same cheerleaders for the putative Soviet enslavement of the human race, this veritable legion of Patsy McGarrys, these are the ones inventing criminality for ageing Catholic Bishops, priests and nuns.
The rest of you can accede to this if you want.
Or you can join me in stopping it.
This is a persecution of the Church.
It is worse than anything contrived by Muslims, or Communists or Nazis.
When Muslims, Communists or Nazis commit murder, they know what they are doing and feel shame.
The Irish Times and its ilk clothe their murders of reputations in the finest hypocrasy.
They will repent in hell fire.


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