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Thursday, May 10, 2012

today they said

"It was the biggest error in broadcasting history."
- An Irish Independent headline, attempting to salve some credibility for itself in commenting on RTE's attempt to frame a priest for child rape.

James Healy replied to the Irish Independent thusly: "There was no error. It was all deliberate. RTE deliberately paid an African woman with public money to falsely claim she'd been raped by a priest and that she had borne a child to that priest while herself still a child. Most of those directly involved in the conspiracy have been allowed to quietly retire from RTE on fat pensions, also like the bribe to the African woman, being paid from public money. Aoife Kavanagh has been allowed to resign without facing any charges in open court over her attempts to ruin a priest by falsely accusing him of child rape. The producer of the programme has been welcome with open arms into a producer's job at CNN. There have been no consequences for these people. RTE remains in the hands of left wing Marxian atheists intent on erasing the Catholic Church from the Republic of Ireland. RTE also remains funded by compulsory taxation on the people of Ireland. We are required to fund it whether we watch it, agree with it, excoriate it, or not."


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