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Friday, July 27, 2012

ruairi quinn's monument to sex abuse victims

Ireland's Education Minister atheistic Marxian Ruairi Quinn and his government allies, and his puppet political appointees in the Judiciary and Civil Service, are preparing to erect a monument to sex abuse victims in Dublin's Garden of Remembrance.
The sex abuse victims Ruairi Quinn and his atheistic Marxian pals which to commemorate are those 0.01 percent of victims whom they have managed to link to the Catholic Church.
In other words Ruairi Quinn and hsi atheistic Marxian pals are putting up a monument to one sex abuse victim in every ten thousand.
The other 9999 victims out of ever ten thousand who were abused by people with no connection to the Catholic Church will be ignored.
Furthermore the anti Catholic Irish government has announced that the victims who were not abused by employees of the Catholic Church will get no compensation from the State, ie 99.99 percent of sex victims will be receive no compensation simply because they weren't abused by anyone that Ruairi Quinn and his atheistic Marxian pals can use in their kulturkampf against Christianity.
The Supreme Court of the Republic of Ireland, packed as it is with atheistic Marxians and conflict theory feminists appointed by Ireland's anti Catholic governments and their attendant shadowy quasi satanic freemasonic elites in the upper echelons of the Civil Service, has once more upheld the government's refusal to pay any compensation to the 99.99 percent of sex abuse victims, the vast preponderance of all victims, the victims who have suffered the most grievous and egregious forms of abuse in the current tidal wave of sexual incontinence engulfing our country as a result of atheism culture, upheld the non payment of any restitution to those who have suffered the most, upheld this twisted perversion of jurisprudence, upheld it I say, simply because those 9999 victims out of every 10,000 weren't abused by any with any connection to the Catholic Church.
You know what the monument to sex abuse victims should be.
It should be a statue of Ruair f--king Quinn french kissing feminist atheist anti Catholic Judge Yvonne Murphy.
With a statue of President Michael D Higgins, (against whom there is an unspecified unrefuted and uninvestigated sex abuse allegation), lurking in the background.
Now there's a sex abuse monument we could all sign up to.
I mean one that accurately portrays the vileness of the evils we face.


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