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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

the heartlessness of social workers

You all know I suspect the slaughter of the Iraqi man with British citizenship, and his family, in the French Alps, will turn out to be Jihad, Al Qaeda, the Iranians, Muslim gangsters engaged in nuclear proliferation or some appalling admixture of the four.
The clues were there from the start.
The French coyness about the nationality of the murdered people.
"We tzink zey may be ow you say British."
When the French get coy it's always Muslims.
The callousness of the killings.
A grandmother slaughtered.
A wife slaughtered.
A man slaughtered.
A passing cyclist who'd never done anyon a bad turn, slaughtered just for the hell of it.
That always looks Muslim.
If the murders are particularly lousy, you gotta look for a Muslim connection.
Pardon my French, but for f--k's sake.
That's Investigation 101.
And an attempt to slaughter little girls cowering in their parents car.
Now who I ask you is willing to slaughter the young with the old, the innocent with the supposedly guilty, the little girls with the big soldiers?
I'm telling you folks.
It smells like teen Jihad.
But of course the other prime probability for anyone investigating this crime, the other pre-eminent likelihood, the other bleedin obvious, is that it was a Muslim CLAN killing.
This inescapable likelihood, at least as inescapable as the theories I am promulgating about Jihad and by no means incompatible with my theories, is that relatives of the murdered human beings, were responsible for their murder.
Well duhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.
So what have the French and British police, Euro trash Judges, and atheistic social workers done?
Listen to me.
They have handed the little girl who survived the assassins' bullets over to the family relatives of her CLAN who are the prime suspects in the attempted murder of the seven year old little girl and her four year old sister, and the successful murders of her parents and grandmother and a passing cyclist.
Lemme tell ya folks.
That little girl's life expectancy just dropped to about five minutes.
We have to put a stop to this.
Help me.


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