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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

if james healy had been a script consultant on mel gibson's movie version of the christian gospel

"Listen Mel. You've got to put in a flashback to the woman at the well. The bit where Jesus says to her: Salvation comes from the Jews. Put it in there Mel. Maybe with a roll of thunder to wake up any uppity Christians or Muslims in your audience. And right at the end, after your magnificent tableau with Mary and the body of her son, after your gentle evocation of the Lord conquering death, have a pause, and then  bring us for a postscript, to a character we haven't met. Have Saint Paul declaiming to a crowd of non Jews as he did in his letter to the Romans. Have him saying: Did God change his mind about the Jews being his chosen people? Absolutely not. Out of the question. Remember always what you owe them. I have come to you with the news of Jesus only because some of them had their hearts hardened. And if some of them having their hearts hardened meant salvation for you, what will it mean if these ones should later accept him? I tell you. Nothing less than life from the dead."


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